Online Gambling

Are Online Casinos Fair?

Do online casinos cheat their players? The truth is the vast majority of online casinos are legitimate businesses. Some of these casinos are even publicly traded companies and are licensed casino operators in the UK. That being said all casinos are in business to make money, so be it online or offline the odds are always in the casinos favor. This is what we call the house edge and this is why casinos make money in the long-term. As a player your goal should be to win money in the short-term as you will surly lose in the long term.

Many people are suspect in regards to online casinos because they don’t use a physical deck of cards or a real pair of dice. Instead online casinos use random number generators to decide game outcomes. This is actually a very fair and efficient method for determining casino game outcomes.

Casino games are designed to give the casino an advantage. They have no need to rig the games because in the end they will lose customers, as players would move to other online casinos that payout better.

The reality is that these online casinos have to do everything they can to protect their credibility because of the doubts that people have. The internet is a great resource for players to share experiences at the online casinos. So any shady operation will eventually get called out and blacklisted. Something you don’t see with offline casinos.

Although the majority of online casinos are legit you do find the odd black sheep. Before you deposit at any online casino make sure you do some research. Google and Bing are great resources for researching an online casino. You should also read up on the casinos website. The casino should have details of casino ownership and information about any policies they may have.

I recommend you stay with a casino from one of the major software providers like Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, or Boss Media. I also use the logic that the more transparent the casino is the better the odds are that this is a fair operation. Good luck and have fun.