Online Gambling

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Online casinos are indeed safe; they’re just as safe if not more the land based casinos. Reputable online casinos realize that a player’s security is one of the most important aspect of their business. Because of this they go to great lengths to secure every aspect of gambling online.

All casino transactions over the internet have 128 bit encryption. This is so secure it’s what most militaries use today. As a player this means that when you enter your personal and financial details into the casino software, nobody else can see this info as the information is scrambled as it’s being sent. This information is then stored on the casinos secured servers.

The casinos do everything they can to keep everything secure and safe but you as a player have to do a small part as well. I recommend that players never give out their user name and password to anyone. You should also make sure you’re choosing a casino that has a good track record and is running one of the more popular casino softwares. IE: Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech. All of the casinos listed on this website are reputable casinos.

Just like the offline world there is a very small risk of an issue occurring during a financial transaction. This happens very rare and the casinos and bank are always fast acting on fixing the problem.

In regards to cashing out or withdrawing your casino balance this again is a very secure transaction and it a very simple process if you have chosen a reputable casino.

The casino licensing and software developers ask casinos to show proof of financial stability before licenses and even the software is delivered. Some will even ask for bonds or insurance to protect players deposits. This is why it is very important that players research a casino before making a deposit. If you follow these tips and the casino rules then you should have no problems playing at online casinos.