Online Gambling


Traditionally known as a game only for high rollers, online gambling has made baccarat much more accessable to the casual gamer in the form of mini-baccarat tables available at all limits.

Rather than betting hundreds or even thousands of dollars on each hand, players can wager as little as a dollar a deal, with some casinos offering even lower limits than that. And why not? While full sized, traditional baccarat tables require dedicated dealers, luxurious surroundings and their own space for high rollers, online mini baccarat can be offered as easily as any other game.

If you're new to the game, don't worry - while dealing particulars can indeed be hard to memorize, with mini-baccarat all the player has to do is choose one of three bets each round.

Watch Baccarat Instructions

Animated Baccarat Instructions

Some like to read, some like to watch! For the latter, check out our introduction to playing baccarat demonstration for a visual and audio walkthrough of how the game is played. You'll have the basics down in just a few minutes.

Written Baccarat Rules

If you find it easier to learn by reading, see our written baccarat rules to learn how the game is played. While it might seem intimidating so some, mini-baccarat (as played at most online casinos) is actually as easy as can be to enjoy.

Types of Baccarat Games

Not unlike blackjack, baccarat is a game with a number of variations available to mix up how to game is played. Learn more about different baccarat games and how they differ from traditional baccarat.

Playing Tips

While there's really no skill required (or involved) during play, there are some things to watch out for and better bets than others when playing. See our baccarat tips for more information on how to play as well as possible.

Baccarat Terminology

From a "Natural" to the "Muck", there's a lot of different baccarat terms involved in the game. It's not necessary to know them all (or any really) to play, but for the curious out there, here they are.