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Baccarat Terminology

Here is a list of all the different baccarat terms you may hear while playing in a casino.

A Natural - Is when your first two cards score an eight or a nine.

A Chevel – In certain special games you may find a popular rule where a player can play two hands at once.

Baccarat – Is the Italian word for zero that is also the name of the game. The irony is that zero is the worst hand in baccarat.

Baccarat en Banque – A variation of this baccarat.

Banker Bet – A wager put on the bankers hands.

Banko – Slang for baccarat. In some games a player can announce this word to challenge the bankers entire bankroll.

Bankroll – The total amount of money a player brings to the table.

Best Baccarat Bet – With a 45% chance it’s betting on the Banker.

Che min-de-fer – Meaning railroad it is also a variation of baccarat.

Commission – The 5% commission the casino will take on all winning banker bets.

Coupe – A round of baccarat.

Dealer – The casino rep who deals cards, handles betting, and pays winners.

Le Grande – A French word for big also means nine in baccarat.

Muck – All the cards which is eight decks totaling 416 cards.

Petite – A French word for small in baccarat it means a hand totaling eight.

Player Bet – When a player bets on the players hand.

Punto Banko – Another baccarat name.

Railroad – Another variation of baccarat.

Shoe – A device that holds the cards before they are dealt.

Shooter – A name for the Bank.

Standoff – When the banker and p[layer hands are equal, otherwise known as a tie.

Streak – Winning or loosing multiple hands in a row.

Super Pan Nine – A variation of baccarat.

Tie Bet – Betting on the banker and player to tie.