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While the game has had its share of changes over the centuries, Backgammon has a very long history, in fact - some say it's the worlds oldest game. Believed to have evolved from it's earliest incarnation called "Senat", created in Egypt thousands of years B.C. As we know it today, the game of Backgammon has changed little since the 1930's.

While it continues to be a popular pastime for players around the world, and that popularity has spread to a variety of online versions for people to enjoy - most online baccarat play takes place through casual 'just for fun' baccarat servers like those offered at Yahoo!, MSN Games and other large portals.

There are however, a few online Backgammon sites that offer real money play. (Most of these places also offer free games on the same platform, whether that's for practice or just for the fun of it.)

We would recommend the following Backgammon options for players wishing to have the possibility of free money play. At this time backgammon is still considered a game of 'skill', and is not outlawed on the U.S. or most countries as traditional gambling may be.

Party Gammon


From one of the worlds largest online poker rooms, Party Poker now offers it's own popular backgammon room as well with Party Gammon. As the Party Gaming 'suite' consists of Backgammon, Poker, sports betting, a casino and Bingo room, players that like to mix it up should enjoy their stay here.



Unlike PartyGammon - Play65 offers only Backgammon - there's no other games or bets offered from their site. That said, they are the largest and most popular Backgammon room, the first established on the market, and now offer both browser-based games and a downloadable version.