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While it doesn't always receive the same attention as online poker or casinos, bingo has a very strong following among certain player demographics, and the number of players opting to play online rather than take a trip down to their local parlour continues to increase.

If you're looking to get right into the games, check out our recommended places to play below; or scroll down for more bingo content and articles.

Bingo Balls

Where to Play Bingo:

There's lots of online bingo rooms available, some better than others. When choosing which venue is right for you, consider: How many people are playing there, will there be lots of active games to choose from? Are there player bonuses - both for new and loyal players? Here's our top picks:

Choosing a Bingo Room

With so many options available online, how do you decide where the best place is to play? See out choosing the right bingo room page for more information.

How to Play

New to the cards? A quick look at how to play this popular and very simple game. Learn how to play bingo.

Online Versus Offline Bingo

Many bingo players are used to sitting at a table with dabber in hand rather than in front of the computer. What are the differences between playing online and offline bingo?

The History of Bingo Games

Curious about where bingo came from and when did it originate? Learn about the history of bingo.

Who Plays Bingo?

Often conjuring up images of the elderly in smoke-filled halls, bingo players these days aren't necessarily what you'd imagine. See who's playing bingo.