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The History of Bingo

Like most of the casino games of chance bingo is a game that can be traced back hundreds of years. In fact the game can be traced back 500 years to Italy where they played a game called Lo Guioco Code Loto. To win players had to match a sequence of random numbers.

Lo Guioco Code Loto soon caught on and spread across Europe. The game eventually became popular in France and by the 1700s they had developed a new game that was similar as Lo Guioco Code Loto but it incorporated numbered playing cards. They then would draw numbers (1-90) from a bag and the first player to match their numbered playing card would win the game.

Even with this rich history it still took until 1930 for bingo to be founded in America by Edwin Lowe. Apparently Mr Lowe was visiting a traveling fair in 1929 where he saw people playing a game “beano”. The point of the game was to match random drawn numbers to numbers on preprinted cards. The name bingo comes from a friend of Edwins who was playing the game one night and got so excited when she won she yelled “bingo”.

The game didn’t have all the glitz and glamor that it has now but the basic concept was the same. Players purchase pre printed cards and try to match the numbers on the card to those numbers being called out by the bingo number caller. Unlike the days of using numbered beans today they use bingo machine that spits out spherical shaped balls with the numbers 1-75 for American bingo and 1-90 for European bingo.

So the next time you’re playing a game of bingo just think 500 years ago people in Italy were playing a game that was almost identical to the game you’re playing today.