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Playing Bingo

Bingo is a game that is played around the world but is most popular in America and Europe. While most people know how the game works some don’t so here is a guide to everything bingo.

The game of bingo was developed in the 1930s America but it’s origins go back to the 1500s in Italy. Today we have two variations of the game, a 75 ball game in North America and a 90 ball game in Europe. Both games work like this. First you must purchase bingo cards. These are pre printed cards with numbers that are separated via a printed grid. Players must purchase at least one card to play and many rooms do impose a cap on the amount of cards one can purchase. The money collected from these card sales is put into a jackpot. The bingo room will take a cut of this pool as a fee for hosting the game while the rest becomes the prize pool for the players.

The game begins when the bingo number caller takes a ball from the machine and calls out the first number. As these numbers are drawn players must mark off these numbers on their bingo card. Marking the numbers is also called “daubing”. The first person to mark off all the numbers on their card wins.

The North American 75 ball game uses square preprinted cards with random numbers ranging from 1 to 75. The card has 25 numbers in total aligned in a 5x5 grid. At the start of the game a shape is declared, this can be a square, diamond, star, etc. To win you must make this shape on your card daubing the numbers as they are drawn. First to make the shape gets the prize pool.

The European 90 ball game uses a rectangular card with random numbers ranging from 1-90. The numbers are split across 3 lines with 5 numbers on each line. The game runs just the 75 ball variation only in the 90 ball version the prize pool is split three into three jackpots. One jackpot for the first person to complete one line. One for the first to gets two lines and one for the person who completes all three lines. It’s also possible for a player to win all three jackpots. Just like the 75 ball game you can have multiple winners for each jackpot.

Now you know how to play bingo. Some casinos may use different slang words but if you understand the above then you can play this relatively simple game anywhere in the world.