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Always a classic and one of the most popular table games at casinos both online and off, Blackjack is a fun game that's simple to play and actually requires a little bit of skill to maximize your odds of walking away a winner.

From the written rules to interactive tutorials, brings you a variety of information on how to play, where to play, and how to play better. Use the correspinding link below for lots more information on the always popular 21.

Animated Blackjack Instructions

Learn the rules and available actions in a game of blackjack in no time flat with our visual blackjack introduction, complete with animation and easy to follow voiced-over instructions.

Written Blackjack Rules

If you'd rather learn the rules of the game by reading, see our written blackjack rules for everything you'll need to know about how the game is played. When you can split, hit, dealer options and more.

Interactive Blackjack Trainer

Sometimes the best way to learn is to dive right into the game. Play our free blackjack game with interactive training that will let you know what your best move was after evey action and start playing like a pro in no time!

Simple Blackjack Strategies

Sure, maximizing your odds of winning at blackjack requires some skill in knowing when to hit, split and stay, but picking up on the proper playing strategies is easier than you might think. Learn simple strategies for winning at blackjack for a quick look at how to improve your odds of winning.

Strategy Tables

For a quick and easy reference on when to hit, split, stand, double down and surrender, see our blackjack strategy table for all the answers. Check your current hand against the dealers and see what action offers the best odds.

Playing Tips

If you're looking for some advice on how to improve your game, see our blackjack tips page for some quick information on how to play smart and win more.

Rule Variations

There's nothing wrong with a game of classic blackjack, but did you know there's a number of other options with their own variations on the game? Learn the difference between European, Vegas Strip, Vegas Downtown, Atlantic City and other types of games on our blackjack rule variations page.

The History

Far from a new game, blacjack has been around in one form or another for centuries. Learn about the history of blackjack for to explore the games origins and evolution over the years.

Counting Cards

Sure, it's frowned upon at casinos and not even possible with most deck arrangements these days online, but for those interested learning the basics of the count, see our counting cards page for more information.