Online Gambling

Blackjack Playing Tips

Here are some blackjack tips that will help you at online and offline casinos.

Tip 1. Never take insurance.
You’re sitting at a table and have a 18 against the dealers Ace and the dealer asks for insurance. Look at it as a side bet with the dealer that his card face down is not a 10. Is it good strategy to take insurance in this situation? If you said yes then you would be wrong, blackjack insurance is NEVER a good bet. In fact the insurance bet is 8% against the gambler. This is why almost every casino on the planet offers this option. That being said if you happen to have Rainman like card counting skills then insurance could be a good option.

Tip 2. Not all games are equal.
The fewer the decks used in the game the better for the player. A game using two decks of cards will handicap a player by 0.35% compared to using just one deck. Add more decks and it makes it even worse for the player. If the casino is using 6 decks of cards it will handicap the player 0.54%.

Tip 3. Find a rule friendly casino.
Look for the casinos that have player friendly rules, if you can find them here are some rules that we consider to be player friendly.

  • Single deck dealing
  • Allows surrender
  • Double down on any cards
  • Dealer stands on soft 17s

Tip 4. Know the game.
Far too many people will sit down at a table and start gambling with little to no knowledge of the game. Read all the rules and strategies before you gamble with real money.

Tip 5. If you’re new then simplify the game to start.
A good basic strategy is to always hit until your hand totals 17 or more if the dealer is showing a 7 or higher.

Tip 6. Focus on the dealer.
Don’t pay attention to what other players are doing and if another players game is bothering you then you should move on. Getting annoyed will never help you win.

Tip 7. Don’t drink.
Gambling and alcohol NEVER mix well together.

Tip 8. Don’t play when you’re tired.
People make mental mistakes and poor judgment calls when they are sleep deprived. Take a break or a nap and come back later.

Tip 9. Only gamble what you can afford to lose.
Money needed for living expenses have no business in a casino. If you have a problem please get help.