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Interactive Blackjack Trainer

Easily learn how to play blackjack with ideal strategy using our interactive blackjack trainer, or just enjoy the game!

Trainer Instructions:

Using the trainer is easy, just start playing just like you would normally while the trainer keeps 'score' and provides advice on moves you make against proper strategy. After playing for a while you'll find you're making fewer and fewer mistakes until you're playing near perfect blackjack!

Your virtual balance and making bets works just like any blackjack game, however there's a score at the bottom of the page that keeps track of your actions, not your wins and losses.

  • You can reset the "Correct Moves" count at any time by pressing the space bar on your keyboard (while the Flash game is 'active).
  • If you try to bet more than your current balance - you will be given the option to reset your cash to the original starting amount. This will not affect the "Correct Moves" count.

The Blackjack trainer uses the following table rules:

  • Minimum bet is $5 per hand, maximum $25
  • Aces may be split, but each split hand will receive only one card.
  • Any first two cards can be doubled down with.
  • You can split a maximum of two times (for three hands in total).
  • Taking insurance doesn't count towards your 'correct moves' - but remember it's actually never proper strategy to take it.