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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a poker based game where the player is playing against the casino and not another player. Below you will find the rules, some advice and the odds for this popular game.

Caribbean Stud Rules

This poker game is played on a table that is shaped like a blackjack table. The dealer sits on one side while the players sit along the other side.

The game starts when players place a bet on the ante spot. Once all players have anted the dealer will then deal 5 cards to each player and 5 cards to himself with one of his cards being face up.

At this point the players will decide if they want to call or fold. If they fold they lose their ante and if they call they must add anther bet equal to their original ante.

Should all players fold then the game is over but if at least one player calls then the dealers hand is turned face up. If the dealer has least an Ace/King high then the dealer qualifies. If the dealers hands beats the players hand then the player loses the ante and raise bets. If the players hand beats the dealers hand then they win even money on the ante bet and the raise bet multiplied by the odds below.

Poker Hand: Payoff: Probability:
Royal Flush 100 to 1 0.0000015
Straight Flush 50 to 1 0.0000139
Four Of A Kind 20 to 1 0.0002401
Full House 7 to 1 0.0014406
Flush 5 to 1 0.0019654
Straight 4 to 1 0.0039246
Three Of A Kind 3 to 1 0.0211285
Two Pair 2 to 1 0.0475390
Pair 1 to 1 0.4225690
Ace/King 1 to 1 0.06

If the Dealer doesn't have at least an Ace/king high then the players win the ante bet and get their raise bet returned to the player. Many people are not sure when they should raise in caribbean stud poker. Here are some quick tips that if followed will give a player near perfect caribbean stud poker strategy.

  • Players should ALWAYS raise the bet if they have a pair or better.
  • In some situations players should raise the bet with an Ace/King. Should you get dealt an Ace/King then you should raise if any of the following are TRUE.
  • If the Dealers face up card is a 2 through Jack and that card matches a card in your hand.
  • If the dealers face up card is an ace or king and you have a queen or jack in your hand.
  • If the dealers face up card card does not match any of yours and you have a queen in your hand and the dealer's card is less than your fourth highest card.