Online Gambling

Casino Software Options

Online gambling is now delivered in three methods, well four if you include smart phones. Gamblers can either download standalone software, flash based or a web browser based casino. Most casinos offer a variety of these methods.

By far the best option for players would be the software download method. These tend to offer more games, better graphics, sound effects, and tend to run smoother. They also may include bonuses like strategy charts and advanced game options. Because of this I always recommend that players install the software package. People can download these free softwares from the casinos website. If you’re on slow internet you can ask the casino to mail you the software on DVD.

This doesn’t mean that the no download casino are not fun to play, it just means they are not as good as the software based. The no download casino comes in three packages. Some casinos offer flash based while others offer a java based casino. A rare few are running HTML based casinos but this is becoming less common.

Flash is a web browser plug in that allows users to view and interact with animations and sounds. It is by far the most popular form of no download casino.

Java is similar to flash only less effective as it’s getting outdated. Not many casinos are using this method.

HTML is the rarest form of no download casinos. The reason for this is HTML is not a good platform for making games. It works much better for websites. The only benefit to this method is the fast load times and these can be viewed using Web TV.

With the popularity of smart phone we now see a variety of casinos offering software for the phone devices. Many casinos now offer games for the iphone, blackberry, and now android.

Now matter how you choose to gamble make sure you have fun. If you don’t care for a particular method then don’t hesitate to try another method.