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Craps Don't Pass Bets

If you don't care to place a bet on the Pass Line then you have the option to bet your money on the Don't Pass bar. This is also known as playing the dark side as this bet is the exact opposite of the Pass Line. You will place your bets on the section labeled the Don't Pass Bar on the table right beside the Pass Line section. If you look closely at this section will notice it also has an image of some dice showing two sixes. This is because if you roll a 12 then it's a tie. This is done to give the casino a slight edge.

If you place a bet on the Don't Pass Bar then the outcome of your bet will depend on the following.

  • If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 then you instantly lose that bet.
  • If the shooter rolls a 2 or 3 then you instantly win that bet.
  • If the shooter roll a 12 then you have a tie. The players keeps their Don't Pass Bar be. This rule can vary depending on the casino. Some casinos have you win with a 12 rolled but I would stay away from the casinos as they are changing the rules in their favor. Along with the change to the 12 rule they will add rules like players get a tie when a 2 is rolled.
  • All other rolled numbers not mentioned above will be used to determine the point. This is when the shooter continue rolling until he or she rolls the point or a 7. If the shooter rolls the point then the Don't Pass bet will lose but if the shooter rolls a 7 then you win.

If you're the shooter and you roll a 7 then you have to pass the shooter responsibility to the person on your left. This is because the shooter will always lose this right should they roll a 7.

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