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Craps Odds Bets

So you've learned about the Pass Line and Don't Pass bets, now it's time to learn about Odds bets. This is a bet where the player adds more money to their original bet. This bet can only be placed if the original bet was not won or lost during the come out roll.

One of the most important aspects of odds bets is that the casinos will pay out using true odds. True odds are the real probability of rolling a specific combination.

For example let's just say that the point 5 has been established. Your chances of winning the pass line bet are 4 against 6. There's also a 4/36 chance that the shooter will roll a 5 and a 6/36 chance of rolling a 7. If you place an odds bet on the pass line you will win at 3-2 odds which are the true odds compared to the 1-1 that it would payout with a non odds bet.

Now let's say the point is 5 again and you made an odds bet on the don't pass bet. With this bet you're the favorite to win 4 out of 6 times so the true odds for this bet are 2-3. This is why the odds bets in craps are considered one of the best bets in the casino as the casino has absolutely no house edge.

Established Point Odds Bet Pay
4 or 10 2-1
5 or 9 3-2
6 or 8 6-5

Betting on odds bets is commonly referred to as 'taking the odds” Most casinos only offer players to make odds bets that are double that of the original pass line or don't pass bets. But if you are ever playing at a casino that allowed more then double you should always bet the maximum allowed on odds bets. The higher the amount you can bet on odds bets the worse the house edge becomes for the casinos. For example a pass line bet before the come out roll gives the casino about a 1.4% house edge. As I said earlier most casinos only offer double bets on odds bets so a normal odds bet would give the casino a 8.85% house edge. But if the casino allows say 10 times on odds bets then the house edge becomes a measly 0.18%.

As you can see odds bets are the key to winning at craps so make sure you always play them. If you have the bankroll make sure you always place the maximum bet on odds bets and if you can't afford it then bet as much as possible as the more you wager on odds bets the worse the casinos house edge becomes.