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Tips for Playing Craps

Below you will find a few quick craps tips that will help you win this game of chance. Lady luck will be the number one factor when it comes to winning or losing but these might give you a little help.

Here are some tips that will give you a better chance of walking away from the craps table with a profit.

  • Bet your money on bets that bring the best expected return. These can include pass line or don't pass bets, point roll odds bets, and come and don't come bets.
  • Avoid bets like proposition and number bets as these are considered terrible bets in craps as they have a high house advantage.
  • Don't waste your money on craps systems or any other betting systems. These systems will lose in he long run, they always do. Some of them can be fun but they will not help you win.
  • If you're new to craps then practice with the free online games that online casinos offer. This is the best way to learn the game.
  • Play on the tables that offer the largest odds bets as these bets have no house edge which gives the players a even chance at winning or losing. Only a few casino will offer players a chance to bet 5 times odds bets compared to the regular 2 times. These are great because it reduces the casinos edge.
  • Don't listen to other players as the vast majority of them will no have a clue about calculating odds. For example a few years ago I was at a table and this woman was telling me to bet on a big 6. The house edge on a big 6 bet is over 9% which is terrible odds for the player. The reality is the a place number bet on 6 is the same as a big 6 bet with a house edge of only 1.5%. The majority of people that play craps are playing it for the social aspect of the game.
  • Superstitions are very common on craps tables and it's probably best that you go along with the crowd even if you don't believe in them. For example first time male craps players are considered to be very unlucky while first time female craps players are considered to be very lucky. Obviously this is totally illogical but craps is supposed to be fun so go with the flow and don't upset the rest of the players.
  • As with every casino game never play when you're intoxicated.