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A Look at the Craps Table

Many people get intimidated when they first learn how to play craps. This is not because craps is a difficult game but because craps has such a wide range of bets available. The reality is that players don't have to know all the bets available to enjoy the game. Many people enjoy then game even though they only know how a few bets work. The reality is that the more complicated craps bets have the worst odds so you really have no reason to learn these if you want to win.

In a game of craps you have no maximum on the amount of players that can place bets on the outcome of the dice rolls. The dice rolling is handled by the players and they take turns rolling. The person who rolls is decided by who is standing to the left of the player who last rolled. Below you can see what an online craps table looks like.

A Craps Table

A craps table is broken down into three sections. You have the middle where the stick man and boxman each have a side of the table. The you have the dealer who is on one side and the players are on the opposite side.

The dealers job is to collect losing bets and pay winning bets. The dealer will also help new players place bets. The boxmans job is to exchange real money for casino chips and to make sure the game follows the rules. The stick mans job is handle the dice and to place the proposition bets in the center of the table.

Sometime the player spots around the table will be numbered. These are to tell the stick man who is the shooter. If you're at number one the stick man will offer you a a handful of dice that you need to select two of.

The first roll of a game is called the come out roll. This roll will determine if you have won or does the game continue with more rolls of the dice. But before you make this roll you will have to make a pass line or don't pass bet. When you throw the dice make sure you throw them hard enough that they hit the wall of the craps table on the opposite side. This is done in order to prevent cheating.