Online Gambling

Craps Trainer

New to the game of craps or interested in testing out some various strategies? Try our craps trainer below! Check out the various bets available and learn when you can and can't make a bet.


Play the craps trainer just like you would any other online craps game:

  • Click on a spot on the table to place a bet on that spot. If you try to click somewhere that you aren't allowed to currently make a bet on, a small hint will appear at the bottom of the game explaining the problem.
  • Hold the shift key on your keyboard then click on a spot on the table to remove bets from that spot.
  • You can adjust the amount bet and/or removed by selecting the appropriate chip size to the right side of the table.
  • For more information on a particular betting spot, hold the space bar on your keyboard while clicking on it. A small 'help bubble' will appear with additional information on payouts, when and when you cannnot bet on that spot.

Betting Limits:

Minimum bet on any spot $1 per spot, maximum is $250.