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How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is dice game where three dice are rolled to determine the outcome of the game. It's a game that originally was played in ancient China but now is enjoyed at casinos all around the world. Sic Bo meaning Dice Pair can be played at most online casinos and most offline casinos. Although in LasVegas you may have to look around to find this game because these casinos tend to put these tables in a less traveled sections of the casino.

Very much like the game of roulette, Sic Bo offers players the option to place a wide variety of bets. These can include bet on small, bet on large, bet on two dice and many more.

The game will start once all players have completed placing their bets on the table. Once all bets have been placed then 3 dice are rolled in a cage. Depending on the outcome of the roll some players will win and some will lose. After the dice have been rolled the croupier will then collect the losing bets and then he or she will pay out the winning bets according to the odds of the game. For more help on this please see my Sic Bo betting article as this will explain all the different Sic Bo bets available.

As you can see Sic Bo is not a game of skill but a game of luck. It's one of those games where you cannot make a mistake that will hurt your odds or your chance of winning. Below you will find a chart that shows what the casinos edge is with each bet. The lower the house edge the better the bet. Try to stay away from bets that have such a large house edge as these are the bets the casinos want you to make.

Bet House Edge
Single-number 7.87%
Two-number 16.67%
Three number 10 and 11 12.5%
9 and 12 18.98%
8 and 13 12.5%
7 and 14 9.72%
6 and 15 13.67%
5 and 16 13.98%
4 and 17 15.28%
Pairs 18.52%
Any Triple 13.98%
Specific Triple 16.2%
Small 2.78%
Big 2.78%