Online Gambling

Making Online Casino Deposits

So you have decided to play at an online casino with real money and you need to make a deposit. Online casino rarely let players play on credit so let’s look at your options. Most online casinos offer multiple methods of depositing; these can include credit cards, bank cards, money wires, e-payments, etc. Personal checks are usually not accepted by the casinos because of the time it takes for the funds to clear. Some casinos do accept money wires but you will have to wait a few days for it to clear.

Most gamblers want to gamble on demand so casinos tend to stay away from depositing methods that take time to clear. For people outside of North America credit cards, banks cards, and e-payments are recommended. Before you make any deposits make sure you understand the limits and terms for your depositing method.

Gamblers in the United States and Canada can try to use a credit card but many banks in North America will no longer allow their cards to be used for casino deposits. For example American Express has banned any use of their cards at online casinos. Visa/MasterCard users are also finding out that more and more banks are no longer allowing gambling transactions.

Due to these new restrictions e-payment solutions (IE: Paypal) have become more popular. The solutions are like having an online bank account. These e-payment account cans be funded with credit cards or bank wires. Once your e-payment account is funded you then transfer those funds to your casino account. So when you withdraw from the casino account the money will be deposited in your e-payment account.

Recently the American government passed legislation that makes it illegal for banks to accept any online gambling transaction. This has made it difficult for Americans and Canadians to deposit although some of these e-payment solutions are accepting US transactions.

Various Depositing Options

Todays online casino offer a variety of depositing options. These can include wire transfers, money orders, credit cards, bankcards, e-payment solutions and many more. Here is a breakdown off all the available methods of deposit at most of the online casinos.

Credit and Debit Cards:
Almost every online casino will accept credit cards. American Express is no longer accepted anywhere but Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Switch, Maesto, and Delta are all accepted at most casinos. These are easily the most popular methods of deposit at the casinos but as of late more and more banks are banning their cards for online gambling uses. Gamblers should take note that many credit cards consider gambling transactions as cash advances and charge cash advance interest rates on these deposits.

Bank Wires:
Most casinos offer bank wires as long as you live in a country where online gambling is legal. IE: US Players will not be able to use this method. You may also have to wait up to two weeks for the funds to appear in your casino account. The bank will also charge you a fee for this service.

Netteller is one of the largest e-payment solutions that can process online casino deposits. Users will deposit funds into their neteller account using a credit card or bank wire. They then transfer the funds from their neteller account to their casino account. This company is a publicly traded company that complies with the Financial Services Authority of the UK. US players cannot use Neteller.

This is another e-payment solution for EU players. You can use pounds or euros to fund your account. Just like neteller players will use this account to transfer funds to a casino account.

Another e-payment solution that doesn’t allow American players to fund casinos accounts.

A relatively new method to deposit into a casino account. Players buy prepaid phone cards and then use these phone cards to fund their casino account.

Currently we are seeing a variety of new depositing methods being used. This is caused by the changes to the US laws which made is very difficult for gamblers to deposit funds. If you can’t decide on a depositing method then perhaps you should contact the casino and ask them what your best options are. I’m sure they would be happy to help you.