Online Gambling

Online Casino Licensing Jurisdictions

In theory an online casino could operate anywhere in the world as long as they have a server that is connected to the internet. However not all countries have welcomed casino operators, in fact many countries have made it illegal to operate an online casino within their borders. Other countries have embraced the casinos to open up shop in their country and now grant licenses. All that being said please don’t forget that online gambling has very little regulation. Below is a breakdown of the countries that allow casinos to operate between their borders.

Many reputable online casinos operate from Canada. The reason for this is the higher cost of licensing. This tends to keep the less reputable casinos away. Microgaming based casinos tend to get licensed in Canada.

Out of all the different jurisdictions Gibraltar is by far the strictest in regards to casino operator rules. Casinos that get licensed here have to meet specific standards. These can include showing proof that a casino is financially stable. As with Canada the costs tend to be higher here but that keeps the less reputable casinos at bay.

The Australian government does license online casinos but they are strictly controlled. Due to this regulation Australia is not a popular destination for casino operators.

Antigua & Barbuda:
The beautiful Caribbean islands host a wide variety of online casinos. This is due to the fact that they were one of the first jurisdictions to license online casinos. It should be known that they don’t have the strictest rules in regards to licensing casinos so if you’re played at a casino licensed here please research before you deposit.

Costa Rica:
Costa Rica is also a very popular jurisdiction for online casinos due to the not so stringent licensing requirements. As with Antigua and Barbuda you should make sure you do research before you make your first deposit.

Netherlands Antilles:
Much like the other Caribbean countries the permit requirements are not as stringent as some other countries.

The small island of Malta has become the online gambling hub for the entire EU. The reason for this is Malta is part of the European Union and they have relatively low tax rates. It’s important to operate your casino within an EU country because UK gambling laws require this. It’s also important for players because if they live in a country that is a member of the EU then any casino winnings are tax-free. Players would not get this benefit if the casino were not based in the EU. Many reputable online casinos operate out of this country.

This very small island in the English Channel also regulates many online casinos. They even have a Gambling Control Commission who regulates on behalf of the state. As with Canada and Gibraltar the fees for licensing is relatively high compared to some other regulators so this keeps the less reputable casinos away.