Online Gambling

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Is online gambling legal is one of the most common and most complicated questions that people have in regards to gambling on the internet. The reality is that it all depends on where you live or are located. The majority of countries have no specific law that states it is illegal to gamble online although some governments have tried other methods to stop gambling online.

The United States is one of those countries as they passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in late 2006. This new law didn’t make online gambling illegal, it simply made it illegal for US Banks to process gambling transactions.

While this new legislation made it more difficult for US based gamblers to make transactions it certainly hasn’t stopped them. Many casinos continue to accept US players thanks to the use of alternative payment solutions that allow players to deposit and withdrawal electronically. If you’re looking to play at a casino that accepts US based players then browse this website as I have many US friendly casinos listed.

For gamblers that live outside of the United States your best bet would be to check the laws in the country you reside in. This information should be available online, check with your local, state, and countries government websites to find out for sure.

All this being said the chance of a government going after a person for online gambling is remote. A search on Google revealed not a single case of a gambler being charged for gambling online.

On the other side of the matter some countries are becoming more open to online gambling. For example many publicly traded UK casinos now offer an online version of their casinos and some provincial governments in Canada are now operating their own online casinos.

In the end though it is your responsibility to find out if online gambling is legal where you live. Some casinos will still accept bets from people who live in countries where online gambling is illegal while other online casinos have safeguards in place that if someone from a banned country tries to register a casino account it simply will not allow them.