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Playing Online Keno

If you know how to play the lotto then you know how to play keno. Keno is basically a lottery that doesn’t make you wait a few days to see if you’ve won anything.

The roots of keno and lotto can be traced back to ancient China. Back then the game was used by the state to fund the Chinese armies. This was due to a peoples revolt where the people refused to pay to upkeep the military. The government in turn created the lotto and used the profits to conquer other nations. Some historians claim that the Chinese even funded the Great Wall of China using lotto but this has never been proven.

To play Keno you first select 1 to 15 different numbers from the 80 numbers available. Once the player has selected their numbers the game will then draw 15 random numbers form the 1-80. It will match your number with the drawn numbers and payout according to how many numbers you correctly selected. If you correctly pick all 15 winning numbers then you will win the jackpot but you don’t have to get all the numbers to win. You only have to select as little as 2 winning numbers in order to win but your win amount will depend on how many correct numbers you select. Below you will find the odds of hitting the numbers.

As with the regular lottery Keno is not a good game for the player in terms of odds. It is dramatically in favor of the casino. The house edge is Keno is somewhere around 25%. For reference the house edge in blackjack is less then 1%.

To offset the large advantage in favor of the casino, players should make sure to take a sign up bonus when they sign up to a casino. This will help to even out the odds a little.