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Playing at Online Casinos on a Mac

The majority of standalone online casino software is designed to play on a PC only. This leaves many Macintosh users out in the cold when it comes to online casinos. However in recent years we have seen a rise in the non-download browser based online casino software. This is when you install a flash plug-in that would allow you to use flash or java based casinos via Safari or Firefox.

If your Mac is running an Intel CPU then you also have another option. You can emulate your Mac to make it look like a PC to install and run the PC casino software. This method may be for a computer savvy individual.

If you’re having problems then I suggest you contact the casino support desk and ask for help, as they would be more then happy to help you.

Below is a breakdown of the different methods that Mac users can use to play at online casinos.

Flash Based Casinos:
By far the easiest method for Mac users to play at online casinos. Simply go to the casinos websites and click on the play instantly or no download links. You might have to install a internet browser flash plug-in from a company called adobe. Simply install the plug-in and you should be gambling soon. Flash based casinos from Microgaming have some of the best-looking casino games on the internet.

Java Based Casinos:
If for whatever reason you don’t have the option to use flash then you could use a java based online casino. The best example of a java based casino come from a company called Net Entertainment. Java is a software language that is used by computer web browsers like opera and Firefox.

Online Poker:
When it comes to online poker Mac users have plenty options as many different online poker providers now include support for Macintosh computers.

HTML Based Casinos:
An HTML based casino is an online casino that requires no additional software. The casino is a web page and can be played on any computer that has a web browser. Unlike flash casinos you don’t need to install any browser plug-in. The most popular HTML based casino would be Slotland Casino.

Unfortunately many online casinos have yet to release casino software that is compatible on a Macintosh. However, if you really want to use the casino software you do have an option. Software called VMware will allow users to install window on a Macintosh thus enabling you to install the casino software on your Mac.