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Playing Seven Card Stud

While it lacks the popularity of Hold'em games at most poker rooms both online and off, seven card stud is a fun game to play and does have its share of loyal players at venues that offer it.

For those new to the game, unlike Texas or Omaha Hold'em, each player gets their own set of cards from which to create their hand, dealt 3 down and 4 face-up, different from Hold’em games wherein there are community cards shared amongst the table.

Playing 7 Card Stud:

A game of 7 Card Stud game is played in this manner:

  • First, each player antes up at the beginning of the game before any cards are dealt. The amount of the ante is generally dependant on the initial betting limits, costing 10% of the smaller bet amount. For example, a $5/$10 game would have a 50 cent antes.
  • Everyone is initially dealt three cards; two cards face down and one card face up. The "door card" or "third street" are common names for the first face-up card.
  • The first round of betting takes place. Generally during this round in particular the person with the lowest 'door card' acts first, though some tables make the highest 'door card' player bet in pot limit games especially. This initial wager is referred to as the 'bring-in bet'.
  • Remaining players are dealt another face-up card, referred to as "Fourth Street."
  • Fourth street is followed by another round of betting.
  • Every player is then dealt another face-up card called "Fifth Street".
  • Following Fifth Street there is another round of betting, with the betting amount doubled over the previous rounds.
  • Each player is dealt another face-up card referred to as "Sixth Street".
  • There is another round of betting at an equal level as Fifth Street.
  • A final card is dealt, this time face down. This last card is called the "River" of "Seventh Street".
  • Final bets are made.

Once the betting is complete, the hands are called and the person with the highest five card hand gets the pot. You will make your hand up from your best five cards only same with most poker games, even though you are dealt seven cards in all.

The Betting Rounds:

During each betting round players still in the hand have 4 actions they can make.

  • If a player does not like the cards they have and does not want to go on playing the hand, they can fold and sit out the remainder of the hand with no more cost to them.
  • If no one has bet beforehand, a player can "check", meaning they will stay in the hand but do not want to bet at this moment.
  • If players have bet, a player can "call" by matching the bet(s) that were made before their turn and still desiring to stay in the hand.
  • If players have already bet, you can "raise" by not only matching previous bets but betting more on top of them, raising the number of chips other players have to call to remain in the hand.

Betting goes on until all but one of the players has folded, or until no one wants to increase the bet. With the betting round over the next sequence in the hand occurs.