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Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker is a card based casino game very much like a game called In Between. Red Dog is played on a table that is shaped just like a blackjack table and uses a 52 card deck. Card suits mean nothing in Red Dog. The table has only two betting spots. Players can bet or raise, that's it. See the image below to see what a Red Dog Poker table looks like.

Part of the reason for it's popularity is because it's one of the most simple casino games you can find. Seasoned casinos players will tell you that if you can remember the number 7 and know how to subtract then you have all the knowledge needed to become a pro Red Dog Poker player.

How To Play Red Dog Poker

To begin you need to place an opening bet, then the dealer will deal you 2 cards.

The goal in Red Dog is to bet that the third card dealt to you will fall between the first two cards. So if your first two card were a 4 and a king you need the third card to be in the 5 to queen range. If this happens then you win, if not then you lose.

Now is where the game gets interesting as the raise aspect of the game comes in to play. It is based on what they call the spread. The spread is determined by the number of card values between you two starting cards. This bet is a bonus bet so it's optional and it works like this. The smaller the spread the higher the potential payout.

Here's how the spread breaks down:

  • 2-10 cards are taken at face value.
  • Jack is 11.
  • Queen is 12.
  • King is 13.
  • Ace is 14.

So, for example is you get dealt an 8 and jack as your starting cards. That means that a 9 and 10 fall between so the spread is 2. If you get dealt a 3 and a 10 then the spread would be 6. Now if you get dealt say a 7 and 8 then the hand is considered a tie as no cards fall between your two starting cards.

The dealer will deal the cards face up and then place a marker on the table to indicate the spread which will identify what the odds are on the raise bet. Should you choose not to take the raise bet you will win your original bet at even odds if they win the hand. Should you decide to raise then you get the house odds that are identified by the marker the dealer put on the table. If you manage to win the hand and took the raise bet then you will win your original bet at even odds and the raise bet at the specified odds.


  1. If the first two cards are back to back then it's a tie and you get your bet back.
  2. If the first two cards are a pair then the betting stops and you are automaticly given a third card. If this third card make trips then you win at 11-1 odds but if it doesn't then you lose.
  3. If the third card matches one of the first two card then you lose.

Red Dog Payouts:

When you win, the initial bets are always paid at 1-1 odds and raises are paid out based on the following.

Spread: Payout:
1 5-1
2 4-1
3 2-1
4 through 11 1-1