Online Gambling

The Martingale System

The Martingale system is a gambling system that can be used on a variety of casino table games which is probably why it's one f the most popular systems. The two most popular games this system is used on would be blackjack and roulette. This system can also be referred to as the doubling up or gamblers fallacy system.

The basic concept behind this system is that the player will keep doubling their bet until they win. The idea is that eventually you will win and when you do you will win all your loses back plus your original starting wager. This system is only to be used on bets that payout at 1-1 odds.

Here's an example.

  • Bet $1 on Red and you win (Bet stays the same) = $1 profit.
  • Bet $1 on Black and you lose (Bet increases $1) = $0 profit
  • Bet $2 on Black and you lose (Bet increases $2) = $2 loss
  • Bet $4 on Red and you lose (Bet increases $4) = $6 loss
  • Bet $8 on Red and you win (Bet goes back to default $1) = $2 profit
  • Bet $1 on Black and you win ( Bet stays the same) = $3 profit
  • Bet $1 on Red and you lose (Bet increases $1) = $2 profit

So as you can see after seven spins of the wheel you would be sitting with a profit of $2.

You should know that this system can be lot's of fun but don't use it as a system of winning as it will not help you beat the casino. The reason for that is the casinos have a maximum bet on all tables and most players don't have an unlimited bankroll. If you tried this system out with a large bankroll you would win small amounts a lot of the time and then a very large loss that would empty your pockets.

Let's say you want to use this system and keep betting on black. Well the odds of Red hitting 20 times in a row is about 1 to 1.8 million. But if that does happen and you bet on black all 20 times then by the 20th spin you would have lost over $500,000 and that's starting with a $1 bet. That means you would have to bet over $1 million on the 21st spin and win just to walk away with a $1 profit! All this is really a moot point because the casino would never allow you to bet nowhere close to that amount on one spin.