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Sic Bo Tips

Sic Bo is ultimately a game of chance, but if you follow these Sic Bo tips they will give you slightly better odds then just using blind luck.

  1. The best bets for players at a Sic Bo table is the bet on small, which is betting on a total score from 4 to 10. The other best bet is a bet on big, that is betting on a total score from 11 to 17. Both of these bets only pay out at 1 to 1 but the house edge is only 2.76%.
  2. Never waste money on betting systems, in fact you will be better off just avoiding betting systems in Sic Bo as none of them really give the player any advantage.
  3. Make sure you view the pay tables before you play. It's quite common to see different Sic Bo odds at different casinos. Find the casino with the best Sic Bo odds.
  4. Avoid the Sic Bo bets where the casinos have a large house edge. For example a bet on 5 would pay out at 1 to 18. Sure this sounds good but how does it sound when I tell you that the house edge on such a bet is 47.22%!
  5. If you don't know how to play then go play for free at the online casinos as most online casinos offer a free play where players don't play for real money.
  6. Take your time, relax and have fun. Aside from the fact that it's supposed to be fun, a stressed out gambler is also likely to make more mistakes.
  7. Don't drink and gamble. I can't stress this enough. Land based casinos don't give away free alcohol out of the kindness of their hearts.

If you follow these tips then you should have a good time playing Sic Bo offline and online. With a little luck you might just walk away from the table with a profit. Good luck and have fun.