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Max Damage Alien Attack

Max Damage Alien Attack is a unique style of slot game. It's more of a video game like space invaders then it is a slot game. Basically your mission is to shoot down and stop the alien ships from invading. To control your ship you use the left and right arrow keys and use the space bar to fire your weapons. When an alien ship slips past your ship you will lose a life so be vigilant. To help you along the way the game will drop upgrades that include extra lives, health, shields, damage boosters, missiles and weapons upgrades.

A bet is place when you shoot down an alien ship, it will cost you 10 coins for every ship you destroy. But this is also how you win cash, although not all destroyed ships will win you money so it's best to use the balance notification option in the settings menu.

In total the game has 9 levels but the big money is won when you destroy the bosses at the end of levels 3, 6 and 9. When you destroy these you can win up to 110,000 coins.

The game also offers freebies that fall from destroyed ships, these freebies will destroy every ship on the screen. When this happens you can win up to 40,000 coins.

Slot Type:
Fruit Slot/AWP
Software By:
Number of Lines:
Coins Per Lines:
Free Spins:
Bonus Game(s):
Highest Payout:
Slot Theme:
space invaders, aliens
Coin Sizes:
$.01, $.02, $.05, $.10, $.20, $.25, $.50, $1.00, and $2.00

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