Online Gambling

Different Types of Slot Machines

Online casinos offer a very wide range of slot machine games. These games can include classic, progressive, bonus feature, multiplier and multi-line slot machine games. Below you will find a description of the different kinds of slot machines available online.

Classic Online Slots:

Classic Slots have a 'standard' three reels and single pay line.

Progressive Online Slots:

Progressive slot machines are slot machines that have a large jackpot that continues to get higher until a player hits this jackpot. Many online casinos have progressive slot games that can hit well over $1,000,000.

Bonus Feature Online Slots:

Considered to be the most fun slot machines at online casinos bonus feature games have side games where players can win free spins and large amounts of money.

Regular Multiplier Online Slots:

This is the kind of slot machine for players who don’t care to make a max bet as these machines don’t payout extra for max bets.

Bonus Multiplier Online Slots:

This is the kind of slot machine for people who bet max. These machines will pay extra when the players bets max.

5 Reel Online Slots:

5 Reel Slots are for the diehard slot machine fan. Classic Slot machines only have 3 reels with 1 to 3 pay lines. 5 Reels Slots have from to 21 pay lines.

Multi Pay line Online Slots:

These slot machine games can have up to 100 different pay lines.