Online Gambling

Slots Glossary

While the game itself couldn't be easier to play, sometimes some terminology gets used that some players aren't familiar with. Here's some common slots terms you might hear, and what they mean.

Bonus Feature Slots:
A slot machine that offer a special bonus where a player can win free spins, jackpots, and other special wins.

Bonus Multiplier Slots:
A slot machine that offers a bonus payout when the player bets max.

Coin Size:
The size of the coin the player is betting.

Coins Per Spin:
The amount of coins you want to gamble on each spin of the slot.

Diamond Slots:
A slot machine with a diamond theme that is popular in land based casinos.

Fruit Machine:
A historic slot machine where the theme is based on fruits such as cherries, lemons and watermelons.

Loose Slots:
A term used to describe a machine that is about to payout big.

Multiplier Slot:
A very popular slot machine as it doesn’t require the player to bet max in order to maximize chances. See: Bonus Multiplier Slots.

One Armed Bandit:
A term used for slot machines at land based casinos.

Pay Cycle:
A very old rumor from land based casinos that a machine is about to payoff. Today offline and online casino slot machines both use computerized random number generators.

Pay Table:
A table that will show the payouts for a particular slot machine.

Pay line:
A line on the slot machine that pays out when a players gets matching symbols on this line.

Payout Percentage:
What percentage a machine will payout to players. A slot machine that has a 99% payout percentage will profit the casino $1 for every $99 wagered.

Progressive Jackpot:
A slot machine that offers a jackpot that continues to grow until someone wins it.

The wheels that spin around on a slot machine.

Take Cycle:
Just like pay cycle this is an old rumor that machine are doing the opposite and taking money from players.

Tight Slots:
A slot machine that is not paying out.

Video Slots:
A slot machine that uses a video screen instead of physical reels.

Wheel of Fortune Slots:
A popular offline and online slot machine that offers a large jackpot.

Wild Symbol:
A symbol on a slot machine that is considered wild.