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Daily Fantasy Betting in Connecticut
Daily Fantasy NBA Legal since: November 2017
Daily Fantasy MLB Legal since: November 2017
Daily Fantasy MLS Legal since: November 2017
Daily Fantasy NHL Legal since: November 2017
Connecticut is home to the biggest casino in the United States, so it’s not surprising that they have followed the long line of states to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports. With another gaming activity to test and excite state natives, read on to find out why we think Connecticut could soon be giving Las Vegas a run for its money!

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Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Connecticut – Overview

Connecticut has an interesting relationship with gambling. While it’s gambling laws outlaw most forms of gambling, the state is home to both the giant Foxwood Resort and the Mohegan Sun tribal casinos. They have also expressed interest in legalizing sports betting, a move that most states in the USA are slowly adopting.

When it came to legalizing Daily Fantasy Sports, lawmakers needed to ensure that all concerns with the tribal casino owners were addressed, but alas, DFS is now legal and stands to raise the state over $500,000 a year in tax revenue. The law stipulates that operators must pay an annual registration fee of $15,000 or 10% of revenue generated from players. Also, players winnings from DFS will be subject to a 10% tax.

For now, there are a number of sports that Connecticut’s DFS players can enjoy, including;

Online Daily Fantasy NBA – A Slam Dunk Steal

Although Connecticut has no teams in the NBA, NBA Fantasy is popular in Connecticut due to its history of sending native talent to the professional league, including Chicago Bulls player Kris Dunn. In NBA Fantasy, players are to draft a lineup of 8 players that are competing in at least two different NBA games that week, all within a salary cap of $50,000. Contests are won by having the highest total points scored by individual players, e.g. 2 points for a steal, 1 point for a point.

Online Daily Fantasy MLB – Batter Up!

Connecticut may have no teams in any major professional sports league, but that doesn’t stop them from loving the all-American sport of baseball. In MLB Fantasy, players are to build a pool of 10 players to play against their competition. The players must be playing over that week’s schedule, have no more than 5 hitters per team and be scheduled in at least two different MLB games. Scoring is varied, including 10 points for a home run, 5 points for a double, etc..

Online Daily Fantasy MLS – Points Are The Goal!

While Soccer may not be the most popular sport in Connecticut, the state has recently become home to the USL’s Hartford Athletic team which is coached by 2012’s MLS Goalkeeper of the Year Jimmy Neilsen. The MLS Fantasy League asks players to draft a lineup of 8 players from at least two different games. There are a number of interesting rules to the Major Soccer League games which see that points aren’t just added to players but deducted. For example, a player can earn 10 points by scoring goals while receiving a Red Cards earns -3.

Online Daily Fantasy NHL – An Avalanche of Prizes

There are three minor league hockey teams in Connecticut, with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers being closely associated with the NHL’s New York Islanders. Former Sound Tiger’s could surely be picked then in the NHL Fantasy League, which asks contestants to draft teams of 9 players from at least 3 different teams. Points are awarded to players for goals, assists, and blocked shots.

College Fantasy Sport – The Bulldogs Have Bite

There’s no denying that the 3-time Super Bowl winning champions the Denver Broncos are an institution in Colorado. In the popular There is a rich culture of college sports in Connecticut, with the state being home to world famous Ivy League college Yale University. Yale’s fame as an academic institution also extends to its collegiate athletics program, The Yale Bulldogs. The Bulldogs Football team is one of the most successful teams in college football history. With 890 wins to their name, they are the second highest winners in college football history, not to mention their 27 national championship titles.

Many Hall of Fame careers were launched after impressive performances in the Yale Bowl. As an institution the whole state can be proud of, there’s no doubt that DFS players across the country are including Bulldogs in their fantasy college sports lineups.

Timeline of Daily Fantasy Sports Legislation

When lawmakers included plans to regulate Daily Fantasy Sports in the 2018-2019 budget, the Senate approved the budget by a majority of 33-3. This goes to show the popularity of the move in the state, with many realizing that DFS is not a risky game of chance as much as it is a game of skill. However, gambling law amendments haven’t always been so popular in the state. Below, we’ve created a timeline of the important events in Connecticut’s gambling history. For more information on gambling in Connecticut, visit our dedicated Connecticut gambling page .

Connecticut Daily Fantasy Sports Betting History
1983 The lottery in Connecticut begins, paving the way for more legal gambling in the state.
1986 The first tribal casino, Foxwoods, is build in the state – it becomes the second largest casino in the world.
1996 The second tribal casino, the Mohegan Sun, is opened in Connecticut.
2016 Predicting changes to sports betting laws in the future, lawmakers write legalization regulations in to law.
2017 Daily Fantasy Sports are legalized in Connecticut.

Legal Daily Fantasy Betting Age in Connecticut

The legal age for participating in daily fantasy sports betting is 18 years old. This also goes for racing and lottery, although gamblers must be 21 years old or over to gamble at casinos in the state. If a player is caught gambling underage, it is considered a Class A misdemeanor and is punishable with no longer than a year in prison or a fine of $2,000.

  • DFS Betting Age
    Players must be 18 years old to partake in DFS in Connecticut.
  • Alcohol Age
    You must be 21 years old to drink alcohol in Connecticut.
  • Weed Age
    Recreational smoking of cannabis is still illegal in Connecticut.

Do you travel across the USA often and are worried about not being able to access DFS betting? Thankfully, DFS betting is now legal in most states across the USA, so this shouldn’t be a major concern. There are only nine states yet to legalize DFS, including Idaho, Hawaii, and Montana. while there is hope for some of these states to move toward legalization in the following years whose path blocked by confusing legislative roadblocks other like show little interest legalizing gambling any kind time soon. avoid all confusion surrounding state legislation visit our Ohio daily fantasy betting page to see what’s the situation in a state that has legalized this form of wagering. For more information on DFS betting in the US, visit our Daily Fantasy League page.

The Best Fantasy Sports App in Connecticut

If you aren’t much of a desktop or laptop computer user and want to play DFS, don’t worry. Many DFS operators have created mobile apps for betting, and if not, most sites are fully mobile optimized. Here, you can make drafts from anywhere with an internet connection, making it the fastest and most convenient way to pick your teams. Based on our experience, we recommend using the DraftKings app the most for DFS betting, due to its sleek design and ease of use.

Taxes on Daily Fantasy Winnings: Legal Overview

All winnings from DFS are subject to both federal and state taxes in Connecticut. Gambling winnings are fully taxable at a rate of 25% for federal taxes, and state law demands that an additional 10% must be paid on gambling winnings from Daily Fantasy Sports betting. For more information, visit the website of the IRS or the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

There are no upcoming regulation changes concerning Daily Fantasy Sports in Connecticut at this point. However, many commentators are speculating that Connecticut may be the next state to introduce sports betting laws. Before sports betting was allowed to be legalized on a state-by-state decision-making basis, Connecticut saw a sports betting bill introduced that would allow its legalization should such a measure be taken. However, there are still many stakeholders in the issue, so progress has been stifled while appropriate agreements are made. At the beginning of 2019, a bill to authorize sports betting was introduced, though current Governor Ned Lamont believes any new gambling legislation won’t be enacted until at least 2020.

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