Gaming Around the World and Different Gambling Regulators

Gambling dates back to the Old Stone Age, way before written history. It is an entertaining activity adored by millions of people around the globe, but also a reproached habit considered a vice in some parts of the world. Nowadays, the gambling industry is among the most valuable and strong businesses worldwide, and you’ll discover it’s next to impossible to find a person who hasn’t participated in a gambling activity of some sort at least once in their lifetime.

In order to ensure the safety and integrity of all kinds of gambling activities, governments and even continents have established institutions and organizations that are responsible for regulating gambling games, markets and gaming providers. These authorities have specific roles and are in charge of controlling and securing all gambling operations in particular territories. Read on to learn some interesting and useful information about the way different continents manage to regulate gambling, and the gaming authorities you should be aware of.

gambling regulators

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