CS: GO Event to Be Included in the Esport Portfolio of Nevada

May 19, 2020 Matt Speakman

When the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus known as COVID 19 pandemic at the beginning of March, many businesses all over the world started closing their gates for customers in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. Governments started taking measures and even made certain businesses to be obligated to be closed until said otherwise. US casinos were not an exception. However, as the pandemic is slowing down, casinos are starting to make plans for reopening in mid or late May. Hence, on Wednesday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board issued wagering approval for the DreamHack Master’s Spring 2020, a counter-strike: global offensive event. The exemption allows state-owned sportsbooks to post and take bets in three separate wager types: overall winner, match winner, and head to head for the 2020 DreamHack Masters edition.

Poster of counter strike with a soldier

Counter strike © ErcancA Flickr

The Esport event, to be held on the 19th of May, is the fourth CS: GO event to be included in the Esport portfolio of the Nevada Gaming Control Board in the past two months. DreamHack Masters Spring will join in the sports offerings of Nevada such as ESL Pro League, ESL Meisterschaft, and the ESL Rio Major.

Licensed Sportsbooks Could Offer Bets Different From the Three Permitted Wager Types

Licensees in the state will accept immediate payments for DreamHack Masters Spring, provided that they comply with the Control Board’s regulatory guidelines. Official tournament rules must be released by the event organizer or the website of the sanctioning body prior to taking out the wagers. Bookmakers in Nevada who plan to sell DreamHack Masters Spring betting must first inform the Enforcement Division.

All in-play betting choices shall be excluded according to the regulatory criteria of the Control Board; the tournament wagers must cease before each match begins. The determination of odds is at the discretion of the sportsbook, with the promise that the rules and results of these bets are made available to the public and based on a permissible source.

Licensed sportsbooks will be capable of offering bets deviating from three permitted wager forms, but a separate request and approval will be required.

This Could Boost the Revenue of the Betting Industry

The new approval follows multiple options for sports betting that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved for the last couple of months. In addition to CS: GO, wagering exemptions for Dota 2, iRacing, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty have also been added. Such games include tournament series and tournaments such as the Overwatch League and the Call of Duty League, which would bring a wide range of betting options to sportsbook deals.

This will also make the bettors much happier as many of them are passionate about those games as much as they are passionate about sports betting. On top of that, it will bring more revenue to the gambling and betting industry which just as any other has been also suffering the consequences of the pandemic considering that casinos all around the country have been closed for almost two months.

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