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The vampire-themed slot machines and games have become popular in recent times and an increasing number of gamers or gamblers choose these slot machines to play their games. The Halloween might only be an annual event but the vampire-themed machines provide the creepiest as well as the scariest online slots that are available to play across the year. These vampire-themed machines provide the users the opportunity to explore the dark side without even having to move away, from the comfort of their homes. If you are looking for a quick session then there are a variety of platforms as well as websites that provide the vampire slot machines for the customers.


Best vampire slots – Top Online real money vampire slots

The rise in the number of internet users through increased connectivity across all parts of the globe has also led to an increase in users participating in the various online slot machine games. Thus the platforms offering these vampire slots games have also grown exponentially and now you can find numerous such platforms that offer various different kinds of attractions based on themes and gaming variations. The vampire slot machine provides a way to win money through entertainment and the different themes are meant to attract the customers. Let us have a look at some of the top and popular vampire slot machines available online that you can choose to play

The count was spectacular on the RTG platform

Not many video slots can boast of having that many quirks as well as exciting components that are provided by the count spectacular. What adds to the whole package is the fact that these slots by count spectacular are rounded off by the various vampire themes and it just makes it even more appealing for the potential customers who are interested in vampire-related quirky stuff. The video slot that you get with the count spectacular is available with any of the casinos that have got the RTG platform. The RTG stands for real-time gaming and the RTG is the dominant sector in the US.

In the count spectacular you can find 25 paylines that offer multiple features and options to the customers. The Count Spectacular provided expanding wilds which means you can get the count yourself and then get ready for the wins to multiply swiftly as it stretched throughout the screen. There are mysterious mirrors, distressed damsels and the luxurious coffins that can be arranged with assistance from the wild thus leading to the expansion of the vampire and giving the players a sizeable and significant payout.

One of the best things about the Count Spectacular is the feature, as all good video slot games should have. However the feature in the Count Spectacular is not triggered through scattered symbols but the players should get wild Count Spectacular at reels 1 and reels 5 so that they can enter the bonus round. The players have the option of choosing either 4 respins or 12 free spins through triggering counts which are held in the place. The Count Spectacular provides two exciting bonus round options and expanding wilds in addition to the vampire theme and the whole package makes it one of the top spooky slot machines that are worth playing for the customers who are interested in these games.

Scary Rich on Rival

The Scary Rich is one of the most popular and well-known slot machines available to play for the customers. This has its own reputation because the Scary Rich does not only have scary theme and design but is also literally quite scary to play. This is because this game has the potential of either making or breaking the gambler or the player completely. The fundamental reason for this is the fact that the Scary Rich offers one of the highest variances that is available in any of the games online. The Scary Rich can be found on all of the Rival casinos and the Rival software is responsible for powering the huge portion of the US-facing casinos.

The Scary Rich has a total amount of 20 of the paylines that can be materialized after the hypnotic animation. The players or the gamers can hear the rustling of the wind and the werewolves, witches, mummies and crows can come together to provide some of the most spectacular and biggest wins for the players. The vampire-themed devilish empire is known to be wild and it almost doubles all of the normal winnings. The players who are able to survive and can come through this game will likely need the assistance of a huge bonus round.

The bonus round is triggered by the three monsters of the Frankenstein’s and it basically causes the vampire to come alive by expanding into the bat form whenever there is an appearance on the reel. Additionally the multiplier of the wild empire assumes cumulative status in the bonus round and pays thrice if there is a double appearance on the line and pays 4 times if there is a three times appearance. The Scary Rich can be brutal and mean however there is some serious money to be won through significantly rich or massive prizes for those players who are bold enough to go ahead and play.

Bloodsuckers on Net Entertainment

This video slot provides one of the darkest atmosphere and themes which very few other video slots can claim to provide. The players who participate in this slot machine game arrive with the purpose of destroying vampires and not just be mere spectators. This slot machine has 25 of the paylines that are filled with various spooky symbols. The players that can find a minimum of 3 bloody mallets are eligible for entering the bonus game. The screen is replete with coffins and the objective is to find the evilest of the vampires and eventually slay them. The Scary Rich is a gruesome slot machine game that provides players with a unique and dark experience which is worth a shot if you are interested in vampire-themed slot machine games.

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