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Hello, my name is John Isaac, and I’m one of the editors at I grew up in Riverside, California, where I got to enjoy lots of sunny days. I’ve always been interested in maths and languages and back at my school days, I’ve participated in many competitions. I also loved reading books and learning about new cultures and my family traveled to different countries every summer! My interest in gambling began when I moved to study in Pennsylvania where I undertook a joint degree in Political Science and International Relations.

Back then, I loved playing blackjack and poker and read a lot of strategy books. Nowadays, I can confidently say that I know pretty much all about card games, even though I’m not a regular gambler. What I find particularly interesting is the idea behind online gambling and the legal restrictions that it might be subject of in the US. I constantly follow the latest news about the iGaming industry and do my best to keep my readers updated.

What I Do on

I was thrilled when I got offered to join the editors’ team at I’ve always loved writing, and even more, if it’s about one of my favorite fields. As I’ve already mentioned, I know a lot about table games, and I’ve researched them for years, which is why I often write game guides and reviews. As a politics graduate, I’m also responsible for the country and state guides. Online gambling in India is a particular interest for me, since I’ve spent a lot of time in this country and it seems to be the market of the future. I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy our website and will find it useful. Have any suggestions? I’ve listed my contact details above, so feel free to drop me a line and share your opinion.

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