Genting Casinos Suffering the Consequences of the Lockdown

June 17, 2020 John Isaac

The new coronavirus which was officially called COVID 19 has tremendously changed the world and not only it has affected the public health, but it also affects the world economy. Many companies not only had to fire a number of their employees but now even have to close some of their offices. One of them is the gambling company Genting Casinos.

Inside a casinoIn fact, Genting Casinos plans to close three of its outlets and make job cuts around its remaining 29 locations all around Britain. The gambling company has written to staff outlining its intentions as due to the coronavirus lockout fights losses.

Three casinos – in Torquay, in Bristol, and perhaps in Margate – could be forced to close permanently, and in 32 cities where the company has outlets will also suffer some consequences in terms of job losses. “The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges. This has had a huge financial impact on our business and caused significant uncertainty for the foreseeable future. I am therefore forced to contemplate some very difficult options to ensure survival” – wrote the CEO of the company, Paul Willcock.

Employees are supported by GMB, the leisure and hospitality workers union. They believe that this is just the beginning of the consequences that the leisure and hospitality sector would have to face.

The Employees Are Supported by GMB

According to Matt Roberts, the regional organizer of the GMB Union South West the organization will continue collaborating with Genting Casinos and help the company decrease the job cuts as much as possible.

He also stated that if the government wants to improve this sector, it needs extra measures and support in order for businesses to gradually improve their economical state.

Genting Casinos Will Make More Job Cuts In Their Other Outlets

Casinos all around the UK have been closed for a few months in an attempt to prevent further spread of COVID 19. The virus first appeared in November of last year in Wuhan, China, and ever since infected over millions of people from all around the world.

The UK has reported over 280,000 people who have been infected by the virus until now. The countries that were most affected by this virus that was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization are China, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

Considering that the virus has been proven to be highly contagious many businesses had to close temporarily in order to protect their employees as well as their customers from getting infected by COVID 19. However, this measure also caused a number of job losses and has seriously infected the economy not only in the UK but the entire world.

Although the government has made a set of measures in order to support this type of business, not all of them are able to continue operating in the same way and the same force as before this pandemic occurred. Genting Casinos are only of the many businesses that, unfortunately, had to let their employees go in order to save themselves from facing tremendous revenue loss.

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