Gambling Commission Reminds Operators to Put Customer’s Safety First

November 23, 2020 John Isaac

The Gambling Commission has reminded gambling operators to put their customer’s safety as a priority after the UK has officially started its second lockdown this year. The lockdown officially started on November 5 and should continue until December 2.

A Waiter with Mask and Gloves Cleaning a Table in a Caffee Using Detergent  The hospitality sector will therefore be closed temporarily, including wagering stores and casinos, for the duration of the lockdown, which is projected to lead to further increases in online gambling.  That led Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, to warn the operators of the requirements of the Commission such as ensuring they are responsibly acting when it comes to customer affordability tests and protecting them from addiction    

The Gambling Commission CEO also warned operators of the need to be responsible for marketing and compliance with license terms and codes of practice. He said that it is important that all operators play their part in keeping their customers safe and that the Gambling Commission will be conducting compliance assessments during the lockdown.

BGC Restated Its 10-Pledge COVID-19 Action Plan

In addition, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) restated its 10-pledge COVID-19 action plan, first published in March. The plan is striving to protect employees and customers during the lockdown.

The commitments include an increase in safer operator gambling communications, the successful promotion of deposit limits, and welfare checks for workers, although there is a possible increase in online gambling.

Companies will have to ensure that they make ads responsibly, disclose any unauthorized ads to non-licensed platforms, provide funds towards scientific education and therapy for those who are willing to self-exclude them from gambling.    

The BGC also said it had a one-and-a-one scheme for those that are not compliant with the rules while the operators were sponsored by volunteers and services to help the government’s ‘National Effort.’

“Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of our staff and customers, and these pledges make very clear the standards expected of our members in the coming weeks” – said BGC CEO Michael Dugher.

UK Gambling Industry Has Become Stricter Lately

The world of gambling has gone through some major changes in the UK recently. The idea is to protect people who are struggling with gambling addiction especially during the lockdowns due to the current pandemic of COVID-19.

Back in the previous lockdown that took place earlier this year, gambling operators not only were required to take care of their customers’ safety, but they also had advertising restrictions due to the drastic increase in online gambling. This increase was a result of the fact that people were not able to leave their homes and instead they had more time to spend in front of their computers or mobile phones wagering.

Unfortunately, this posed a huge risk of vulnerable people developing a gambling addiction. This is why BGC and the Gambling Commission has set some strict rules and measures that gambling companies have to follow. According to them, the most important thing is to provide people the safety they need within the gambling industry and protect them from potential gambling harm.

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