Full House with Announcement of the Name of Its New Casino

April 12, 2021 John Isaac

Construction of the Chamonix Hotel & Casino has just started adjacent to Bronco Billy’s existing casino and is anticipated to complete in 2022. The Bronco Billy renovation will be expected to finish in the summer of 2023. Full House casino settled conditions with the state to take some tidelands near the Silver Slipper Casino to make a later development.

Silver Slipper Casino Could be Improved Soon Full House hotels declared the brand name of its hotel Colorado: Chamonix Casino Hotel. The Full House also set an agreement on the possible future construction of an extension to the Silver Slipper Casino in Mississippi.

Located next to the operating Bronco Billy Casino, Chamonix offers around 300 four-star VIP rooms and furniture and a new sports section. It is anticipated to engage tourists from all over Colorado, including the nearby Denver metro area, Canon City, Pueblo, Canyon City, and Colorado Springs.

Chamonix will also have a large conference room that will host shows and other fun. There is a new self-service garage for over 300 cars, a rooftop pool, and a luxury resort. The rest of the capital that Chamonix is expected to complete is about 180 million dollars. The hotel will complete in the 4th section of 2022.

Eliminate Parking and Hotel Issues

To address garage and casino problems during the Chamonix construction, Full House conform to purchase Carr Manor and some lots, a famous 15-room hotel, one and a half blocks from the Bronco Billy.

Built-in 1896, the Carr Manor is a boutique hotel with late 19th-century design features, including handcrafted woodwork, unique muddy glass windows, and high roofs. The purchase of real estate and property subject to due attention and normal conditions is approximately 3.4 million US dollars and is supposed to be completed by early April 2021.

According to Daniel R. Lee, the casino will give the luxury of the French Alps to the Rocky Mountains, bring European beauty with the comfort of Colorado. He also said the new casino gets its title from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Lee claims that the Casino will add 300 new VIP rooms and furniture, almost twice the hotel’s capacity in the city. The visitors can explore Pikes Peak and the real attraction of the area through hiking, fossil hunting, mountain biking, gold-mining, famous railways, climbing, and fishing. Of course, Chamonix will also have the most sophisticated and exciting casino in the Rocky Mountains region; and will be one of the best in the restaurant and spa area.

Many of the car parks used by Bronco Billy customers are under construction in Chamonix. At the top of Bennett Avenue, there is self-parking and a free shuttle bus to the hotel for those who choose to park on their own.

According to Lee, Changes to Colorado’s betting rule in November 2020 increased gambling limits and added new table games. In reply, we expanded our programs for the new Cripple Creek hotel, increasing the number of rooms by 67%. The Chamonix atmosphere will be well complemented by the updated Bronco Billys. We expect to greeting the 1st customers to Chamonix by the end of 2022 and completing the Bronco Billy renovation, which will take place in the first phase of the 2023 summer season.

Silver Slipper Hotel & Casino Expansion

Full House Resorts has settled an agreement with Mississippi to lease selected properties in the Gulf of Mexico near the company’s casino and Silver Slipper Hotel for 30 years. The deal will enable the firm to possibly create a future development of Silver Slipper.

Originally an investment of 75 million dollars, this expansion will involve a new casino tower with over 150 rooms. The casino’s 1st assigned conference room, spa, and a new full-service restaurant, connected to the hotel’s existing casino. Any planned expansion to Silver Slipper must be approved by the gambling business operators, Army Corps of Engineers, and other firms. Thus, the timetable and structure of a potential development have not yet been determined.

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