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Sports Betting in Alabama
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NFL Sports Betting Will Be Legal: TBD
NHL Sports Betting Will Be Legal: TBD
NBA Sports Betting Will Be Legal: TBD

Since the vote in the early 20th century that outlawed all forms of gambling in the state of Alabama, it has not exactly been a haven for punters looking to place sports bets. The legislation on sports betting is clear, despite having a few native Indian controlled casinos across the state where you can place bets on slots and poker, sports betting remains outside the law. The state is making moves to rectify this and make it friendlier for gamblers, but that remains an ongoing project.

Gambling Laws in Alabama

The law is relatively clear when it comes down to Alabama sports betting. You are simply not allowed to engage in any sports related gambling within the territory of this state. You’ll have to travel to a place where it is legalized if you have the urge to bet on sports online. The state legislature has given the issue a lot of attention since the supreme court decision, but the lobbying power of the native Indian political groups hasn’t allowed for a serious effort to be mounted on behalf of the gambling enthusiasts.

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Most Popular Sports in Alabama

Gambling in Alabama together with outdoor activities are quite popular. But one of the biggest and most watched sports that this state represents is football. There are some major professional sports clubs that exist within the state, but none of these clubs play in the top tiers of the 4 sports that we are going to discuss in the section below.

English Premier League – International Quality Soccer

Given that there is only one USL Championship team in Alabama: Birmingham Hammers, the sport remains incredibly popular. Many fans of soccer enjoy watching overseas leagues, such as the Premier League and Serie A. These teams have significant fan bases within the state, and the American fans just love the high-quality and skill of the European players as apposed to their own countrymen.

NCAA – Alabama State University

Without a doubt, the biggest sport in the United States is football. The state of Alabama is no exception. This state doesn’t have its own NFL team, but they have a very successful NCAA outfit in the University of Alabama. The team plays in a stadium that regularly has attendances in the 80,000 +, and each season they send many players to the NFL. There have been several top draft picks out of this university, and they have become one of the biggest producers of NFL talent.

Southern Professional Hockey League – Birmingham Bulls

The sport of Ice Hockey is quite popular across the whole country, even in such a hot state like Alabama. People still love to watch their athletes skate across the ice. The state has two professional outfits, and these are both outside of the top division of the National Hockey League. If you want to watch these teams live, check out your local high-schools and college teams. They always have a high standard that is enjoyable to watch.

American Basketball Association – Magic City Surge

The biggest sport for certain parts of this great country is basketball. There are countless ways to watch the sport, and you can play it in the most remote locations as long as you have a ball and hoop. Alabama betting laws prohibit the betting on this sport. However, you can still watch it to a relatively high standard when you go to the Magic City Surge stadium.

History of Sports Betting in Alabama

The history of sports betting in Alabama is a very one-dimensional tale, it has taken them almost an entire century to bring the conversation close to one that fully endorses legalization and endorsement of licensed online sports betting. The story you can see below has been greatly affected recently by the Supreme Court proclamation, and we hope the next few years will pave the way for meaningful change.

Alabama Sports Betting History
1901 All forms of gambling were made illegal in the new state constitution. This included everything from sports betting to poker.
1971 The Supreme Court allows for greyhound racing and horse racing to be bet upon at licensed tracks. In Alabama, no law was passed to allow for horse racing betting, but the greyhounds were permitted, and a track has been built in Birmingham.
1980 The State of Alabama legalizes Bingo for charitable purposes.
1988 The Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act allows the native Indian tribes to establish on-site gambling facilities, limited to bingo games and slots, you’ll have to travel to another state if you want to bet on table games or sports.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Alabama

Knowing the age that you’re allowed to engage in gambling activities when this does finally get regulated will be important. As you can see in the table below, there are three main vices and age control limits that Alabama residents will be concerned. The marijuana herb hasn’t been legalized at this moment in time, and the alcohol age limit is consistent with the national limit of 21. Gambling online will likely be 21 when it does enter the regulated industry.

  • Gambling Age
    All people aged 19 or over are legally allowed to gamble at licensed casinos.
  • Alcohol Age
    The law in Alabama allows for individuals of 21 years and over to drink alcohol.
  • Marijuana Age
    Marijuana is currently illegal in Alabama for both medicinal and recreational use.

There are, of course, several states that have fully endorsed and legalised the distribution and promotion of legal betting sites. These sites are strictly only accessible from within the legalised territories and for residents of the state. You’ll have to provide identity confirmation, address confirmation and a valid payment method as a prerequisite to any gambling activities under these stringent rules.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

The question of tax contributions is one that has bothered users of betting sites in Europe for some time now. The model has been very consistent and usually requires that customers pay a small percentage of their winnings into the tax collection, usually a figure close to 5%. This small amount is usually deducted straight from your winnings and shouldn’t be considered to be part of your overall profit. Some other bookies wave this fee but cover the cost by offering reduced odds levels across the site.

Upcoming Changes in Alabama Sports Betting Law

As you can probably determine now, the law in Alabama is one that is deeply rooted in tradition and self-awareness of the dangers that can come with altering an age-old law. Despite this, times are changing, and freedom of choice is becoming more than just a wish, it is a demand of many citizens. The nature of gambling does raise many moral issues. In a state such as Alabama, which has a very high religious population, one can imagine how this resistance might present itself and become a particularly difficult force to overcome. Read more fantastic review on the state of online gambling at our homepage.

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