Legal Tennessee Sports Betting Sites: The Best TN Sportsbooks for 2021

Sports Betting in Tennessee
NFL Legal since: Nov. 1 2020
NBA Legal since: Nov. 1 2020
NHL Legal since: Nov. 1 2020
MLB Legal since: Nov. 1 2020

In late 2020, Tennessee online sports betting was legalized, and the first operators were given the green light to start accepting online wagers. Since then, an industry has developed that caters to almost every whim a Tennessee online sports betting fan could have. We will give you the low-down on where and what is best to bet on, and how to enjoy Tennessee sports betting to the fullest.

With the regulated market fast advancing to its full-fledged state, we are happy to announce that punters are in the unique situation of having mobile-only betting enabled for them. This made for the creation of some of the best apps of their kind, so we can’t wait to present them to you. Here are the best sportsbooks in Tennessee:

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Online Sports Betting Tennessee – The Best TN Bookmakers Categorized

Simply knowing of the top Tennessee sportsbooks isn’t enough because you are still faced with a choice to make. This is why you will be better off knowing what each of the online TN sports betting sites specializes in. Here are our top picks and in which areas they prove most valuable.

  1. TwinSpires – Best for Live Betting in Tennessee

Having just one viable option makes choosing pretty easy, but that may change in the future. We do the impossible to search for legal bookies operating in the state. Count on us to keep adding to the list while pointing out the chief selling points of each operator.

Tennessee Sports Betting Rules: Available Sports and Top Leagues

TN sports gambling is one of the ways to materialize your love for all-American sports in that you can do something more than spectating – namely, to win a bet. As mentioned, you get to pick from a multitude of sports available for betting, among which are American football, baseball, basketball and soccer.

It goes without saying, the major leagues of each sport are in the spotlight of both bettors and sportsbooks. In case you need a sports betting guide, feel free to take a look at ours. On this page, we will briefly explain why you may want to choose one sport or league over the other ones in the context of real-money wagering. Find more details below.

1. American Football Betting – NFL, AFC & More

American football is a staple Tennessee sports betting market that many are interested in. Many are enticed by the freedom to bet on college football and local sporting events – something that New Jersey bettors aren’t allowed to. If you want, you can bet on college football in Tennessee.

The local fan favorites are the Tennessee Titans – a professional major league football team competing in the American Football Conference South Division, founded in 1960 as Houston Oilers in Houston, Texas. Watch out for them as you plan your wagers because their performance is rather unpredictable.

2. Basketball Betting – NBA, NCAA, WNBA & More

The best Tennessee sportsbooks have got you covered if you like betting on basketball . There’s much more, actually, for you to choose from in terms of wagers when it comes to the NBA and the WNBA. The prospects are near endless.

The local team everyone gets crazy about is Memphis Grizzlies. Originally Vancouver Grizzlies, established in 1995, they moved to Memphis in 2001 and currently play at the FedEx Forum arena. The Franchise is part of the National Basketball league and plays in the Western Conference, Southwest Division. Sure enough, the online bookies in Tennessee are ready to accept bets on Memphis Grizzlies winning the conference. You can even place bets such as Ja Morant becoming the next MVP.

3. Hockey Betting – NHL & More

When it comes to hockey betting in the state, things tend to look a tad more one-sided. The only solid option you have is the NHL. The other American hockey championships do not receive as consistent coverage as the National Hockey League. To get alternatives, you will probably have to consider the Canadian and Russian hockey leagues.

When teams are concerned, Nashville Predators are the ones that draw the most attention in Tennessee. The team has played home games at the Bridgestone Arena since its inception and played its first Stanley Cup playoffs during the 2003-04 season. They managed to advance to the Stanley Cup finals again in 2017. They have won 2 Division and 1 Conference Title.

4. Baseball Betting – MLB, World Series & More

It’s fair to say that you won’t miss a thing from the MLB with the best sports betting TN operators. The competitions encompassed by the MLB are available to bettors in the form of outrights and other types of bets. You can even pick a division with fewer contenders, such as the National League Central and try to predict the winner.

The Memphis Redbirds compete in the Pacific Coast League and are a Triple-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. They were established in 1998 and play their home games out of the AutoZone Park, which can host up to 10,000 visitors. The team has won 4 League, 5 Conference and 6 Division titles, with the last win being the 2018 Triple-A National Championship Game.

5. Soccer Betting – MLS, Premier League & More

The top TN sports betting sites are generously bringing soccer from across the pond in case you’ve heard of the intense rivalries of teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United. If you want to stay local, try betting on matches from the MLS. All the teams currently in Major League Soccer are there for a reason, so the competition is truly fierce.

You have clubs like Houston Dynamo, Sporting KC, Vancouver, Minnesota, going all out trying to win the title. You absolutely can’t risk going at it unprepared. Whether it be European or American soccer, you have to do your research on teams, history, and form before you get started.

Best Tennessee Sports Betting Apps

Placing sports wagers online is much easier with the designated apps you can use as a Tennessee resident. As you already know, gambling on sports is only available online. That means using an app for that, can elevate your experience quite a bit since betting shops are out of the question.

  1. Twispires – Top TN Sports Betting App Overall

Rarely do you see such a massive welcome bonus available to mobile app users. The app itself comes with the works. That means you get access to features like Cash Out and in-play betting along with an enhanced user experience on mobile. Here are the details of the bonus for the best TN betting app.

Best Betting App

Risk-Free First Bet Up to $1000

Tennessee Sports Gambling Bonuses and Promotions

What’s in it for you when you sign up, depends on the bookie you settle for and the amount you deposit. A free bet is likely the welcome bonus you will end up getting, but its size is the one variable you should be concerned about. Our top-rated sports gambling Tennessee bonus for players from the Volunteer State is designed to please low rollers and high rollers alike.

Tennessee Betting Site Bonus Offer Bonus/Promo Code Wagering Requirements Min Deposit Validity
Twinspires-sports Up to $1000 BET1000 Real Money Wagers Only N/A 7 days

Let’s take the time to emphasize once more the size of this welcome bonus because there’s nothing quite like it out there. As you can see, you’ll have limited time to bring this sports betting bonus to fruition, as per the validity requirement. You can claim this bonus on mobile too! Here’s how.

Best Betting Offer

Risk-Free Bet Up to $1000

TN Online Sports Betting with a No Deposit Bonus – Are There Any Offers?

As it stands, there’s no no deposit sports betting bonus for the fans of online gambling in Tennessee. This one is not all that common anyway, so don’t be disappointed. If an offer of this type turns up, we make sure to let you know the particulars of it.

The next best thing in sports betting Tennessee is called ‘promotions’. This is where you can expect the unexpected, including a Tennessee online sports betting app with a no deposit bonus. If you play long enough and have a certain outlay, the operator could make you a custom offer. It depends on the policies of the operator servicing you.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at the Best Tennessee Sportsbooks

Safe and secure deposits and withdrawals are one of the top priorities of Tennessee sportsbooks. The way they do it is, they only work with trusted payment methods such as PayPal and other popular platforms. Here is our recommendation for a good PayPal betting site in Tennessee.

Best PayPal Betting Site

Risk-Free First BetUp to $1000

There are too many benefits of paying with PayPal for us to enumerate them one by one. What you need to know as a bettor is that your money will be transferred fast and secure and that you can dispute anything you feel may violate your user rights.

Live Sports Betting in Tennessee

Quickly after it was first introduced to the Tennessee online sports betting scene, live betting became the golden standard for all bookmakers. It’s now more like the norm than an extra, and every sportsbook on the Tennessean side of the Internet gives you betting odds on live sports meets.

Screenshot of the Live Betting platform of TwinSpires Tennessee

If you want to get in on the act, you must create and validate your account, first of all, and head for the live betting section. There, you’ll get a list of the meets that are underway and the respective betting lines for each. Alongside those, there will be live streams for you to watch as you bet.

Top Live Sportsbook

Risk-Free First Bet Up to $1000

Tennessee Land-Based Sportsbooks & Locations

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but land-based sports betting in Tennessee is just not a thing. The best Tennessee sportsbooks are only available online as per law. That means the opportunities for placing a bet in person somewhere in a casino or a betting shop are practically nonexistent.

We shed more light on the situation about sports gambling Tennessee in the next section, where we talk about the state’s sports betting law. Meanwhile, remember to place wagers at trusted and licensed TN sports gambling sites or apps as there will be those that are not licensed. Keep well away from those.

Tennessee Sports Betting Law

Legal sports betting in Tennessee was enacted by means of the Tennessee Sports Gaming Act. Gov Bill Lee abstained from giving his signature on the bill, but it became law all the same. That came to pass in May 2019. A lot of developments have followed since then for the market to become what it is now – a well-vetted environment.

The issuing of licenses is handled by the Tennessee Gaming Commission. It’s also the commission that defines the rules for licensees to follow and has the power to revoke a license. One of the responsibilities of licensees is the privilege tax, equal to 10% of the adjusted gross amount.

Legal TN Online Betting Age

In the Tennessee Gaming Act, the sports betting age is specified as 21 years. Even if the user is of legal age, they are only allowed to place a wager in the manner authorized by law. A fun fact is that members of the Gaming Commission and employees with respect to a licensee are not allowed to place wagers.

  • Sports Betting Age
    21 years of age are required for legal betting.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is set at 21 years.
  • Weed Age
    Medical and recreational marijuana are not legal in Tennessee.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

The state of Tennessee has no state earned income tax, but sportsbooks would typically withhold an amount defined by law from your winnings. You can provide your social security number to your operator and leave it in their hands to report any gambling income to the IRS.

Why Legal Sports Betting TN?

Regulation is mainly there to protect users, but it also benefits providers who want a guarantee for fair competition. The most obvious upside that comes to mind is that a good percentage of the taxes paid by operators goes to bolstering the education system. Here are the advantages of legal betting in Tennessee.

Benefit Explanation
Healthy Competition Between Operators Establishing clear rules by means of law enforcement means that licensees have to compete by bettering their service. Ultimately, the users are those who benefit from that.
Mobile Betting In connection with the previous point, operators would readily create their own betting apps to engage with customers on more levels.
Improved Functionality Betting online affords much more functionality to the user and namely – in-play, cash out, live streams, etc.
Source of Income for the State The state is one of the main beneficiaries of a regulated sports betting industry. The privilege tax paid by licensees is allocated to the needs of the state, pursuant to the law.
Attracting Off-Shore Operators A lot of operators see an opportunity to tap into the Tennessee betting market. Now that applying for a license is possible, high-standard off-shore gambling firms could very well try to join the list of licensees.
Guaranteed Winnings The law preserves not only the structural integrity of the TN sports gambling industry, but also serves as a guarantee for the players that they will receive their winnings.

By all accounts, the state legislature didn’t go through all the trouble for nothing. Legalizing sports betting in TN was a long time coming, and bettors’ patience was already wearing thin. With a healthy sports gaming industry, the bettors finally have what they wanted, and the state budget looks way better.

Local History of Sports Betting

Like many other southern states, Tennessee used to have very tough and conservative gambling laws, which are strictly enforced. Throughout the 20th century, nothing much changed. 2019 is a hallmark year for legal Tennessee sports betting, being the year in which the Sports Gaming Act was approved.

Tennessee Sports Betting History
1906 Horse racing is outlawed, joining all other forms of gambling as illegal unless deemed charitable.
2003 The Tennessee Education Lottery is introduced with all proceeds going to educational development.
2010 Charity bingo and raffles are allowed to quickly raise relief funds after severe flooding in the state.
2016 Fantasy sports is legalized, and licenses for gambling are available for registered operators.
2019 Senate approves Sport betting bill, the house of representatives approves online sport betting bill, Governor moves to pass legislation without his signature.

Is Sports Betting Legal Outside of the State?

Tennessee isn’t the only state with legal sports betting in the east half of the US. Another good example is Mississippi – a state which registered the first two sports bets placed inside 2 MGM Grand Casinos on August 1st, 2018. Even so, the act of placing wagers, still must be performed in-person and not online. Those are the state laws that manage the issue of Mississippi sports betting.

In November 2018, Arkansas citizens also approved a measure that was aimed at expanding the scope of legal gambling to sports betting. Unlike Mississippi, sports gaming in Arkansas can be practiced both online and in physical location. That gives you another option in addition to being able to bet on mobile.

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

As you already know, brick-and-mortar sports betting venues are not allowed for by the law, but there is a glimmer of hope. Giants Draft Kings are currently seeking approval for the opening of a sports bar in Nashville. Still and all, patrons will only be able to wager online, despite being in a designated location.

However that may be, we think it’s a start, and maybe in the future in-person betting will be legalized. Legal sports betting in Tennessee is missing that vital component as of now but still has a lot to offer. If the on-the-go lifestyle suits you, you don’t have to wait for reformation.

Sports Betting Guides for Nearby States

Frequently Asked Questions About TN Online Sports Betting Sites

In need of more information on sports betting in the state of Tennessee? Check the following Q&A segment. We tackle the questions that come up most frequently on the Internet regarding the topic. Should you have questions of your own, feel free to read our short but informative answers.

What is the best Tennessee betting site?

When it comes to which is the top sports betting site in Tennessee, there's one unmistakable favorite. The said operator starts you up with an unforgettable welcome package, which you can spend using the industry's latest and greatest features such as in-play betting and cash out.

Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Presently, the gambling law in Tennessee is for legal betting. That became official in 2019 with the approval of the Sports Gaming Act. There is one major detail, however. Sports wagers are only accepted if placed online. There are no licensed brick-and-mortar venues where sports wagering is conducted.

What is the best sports betting app in Tennessee?

Provided you are at least 21 years old, you will have no problem gambling on the best Tennessee online betting app. It is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices, just as it's compatible with phones and tablets. A welcome bonus is available as well.

What sports can you bet on in Tennessee?

Some of the top sports to bet on in TN include American football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. If you are interested in fight sports or motorsports, things will pan out for you just fine. There's plenty of that on offer as well.

What's the TN sports betting tax on winnings?

The Tennessee sports betting tax on winnings is said to be 25%, but it's hard to get a confirmation in writing of the exact number. Regardless, you can trust your bookie to report your winnings to the IRS and to handle taxation on your behalf.

What is the Tennessee sports betting regulator?

According to the TN sports betting law, the top Tennessee online bookies are regulated by the Tennessee Gaming Commission. As the official regulator, the commission has the right to issue licenses or to decline applications for such. It's the commission's job to decide on the gambling tax too.

What are the sports betting locations in Tennessee?

Sadly, there are no licensed TN sports gaming locations. As currently formulated, the law is dead set against land-based betting. On the flip side, this has fostered a thriving online sports gambling industry with quite a few licensed operators. Be that as it may, remember that bet shops and certain types of sports bars are illegal.

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