Guide to NC Online Gambling: The Best Gambling Sites in North Carolina

Gambling in North Carolina
Sports Illegal
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Illegal
Poker Illegal
Lottery Will Be Legal: TBD

North Carolina Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) have become immensely popular over recent years, and in 2016 it was estimated that 5.6 million users spent over three-billion dollars on the activity. Since the beginning, North Carolina daily fantasy betting has operated in a sort of grey area, neither legal nor illegal. However, according to the North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology, the state legislature officially ruled that there is enough skill involved in DFS that they feel daily fantasy contests do not qualify as illegal gambling. A bill has officially been introduced to regulate the activity in a legal matter. The bill however, has not made it on to the Legislature’s agenda but overall, this specific type of gambling is not so permitted like the DFS in Idaho. That being said, below are the best and most popular North Carolina daily fantasy sports sites:

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Gambling Laws in North Carolina

There are a few forms of legal gambling in the state of North Carolina. However, these probably aren’t the things you were looking for when you came to this website. Currently, the only legal gambling activities in the state are the NC Education Lottery, a pair of tribal casinos, bingo, raffles and low stakes beach bingo. Gambling regulations have been around in the Tar Heel state since the 18th century when the state had adopted an English law, which forbade “excessive” gambling. For a short time, gambling restrictions were loosened in hopes of raising money for the state. Today, however, gambling is once again a controversial topic, and the conservative nature of North Carolina has led to a band of almost all popular forms of gambling were banned, including video poker.

As one can imagine, the illegality of placing bets on casino games, sports, and poker extends to the online forms of those betting forms as well.

Online Sports Betting in North Carolina

As most residents surely know, traditional sports’ betting is currently not legal in North Carolina. Although the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to leave it up to states to decide whether or not to permit the activity, NC doesn’t have any plans to legalize sports gambling. As a result, I currently can’t recommend any legal North Carolina sports betting sites. Still, we will follow the situation closely and in case something changes we will immediately inform you. You can find up-to-date information also on the page about North Carolina sports betting. And while I can’t give you the name of a site and call it the best, I can show you what are the sports betting possibilities in Montana, per example, where the legalization is from the beginning of 2019.

North Carolina Online Casino Gambling

Section 14-292 of state law prevents anyone from operating a casino or place for gambling within North Carolina state territory. The only exceptions to the rule are the Indian casinos found on sovereign land within NC. Online casinos fall under the umbrella of illegal gambling activity in the state. There are currently no legal methods for online casino gambling in North Carolina. We will update, should the state’s laws change. So if you are looking for slots, you’ll either have to go to one of the licensed tribal casinos in the state, or travel to a state that offers casino gambling. For more information on the matter, check our guide for casinos in North Carolina

Online Poker for North Carolina Residents

According to the North Carolina state law, poker qualifies as a form of gambling. Thus, the state has taken quite a strict stance against the activity. Not only will you not find video poker in NC, but it is even against the law to play social games. Currently, it is not possible to play online poker legally in North Carolina.

North Carolina State Lottery

For years, North Carolina was the only state on the East Coast that did not have a state lottery. Some chalk this up to the conservative sentiments of this Bible Belt state. However, this changed in 2005 when Governor Mike Easley signed the North Carolina State Lottery Act in 2005, albeit with some controversy. The NC lottery is officially named the Education Lottery or NCEL, and is designed to raise proceeds to benefit the state’s education systems. A controversy in 2009, in which the then-governor took funds from the Lottery in order to aid NC’s budget issues, led some lawmakers to call for the removal of the word ‘education’ from the lotto’s name. Although the Lotto is legal in NC, it is not possible to play or purchase tickets online. If you’d wish to play, visit the official website of the state lottery to find out how to buy a ticket. Apart from that, if you want to know our personal point of view and findings about online lottery, make sure to check our North Carolina lottery page.

History of Gambling in North Carolina

North Carolina was one of the first states to have legislation against gambling when they decided to adopt an English law designed to prevent people from spending too much money on bets. Since the 18th century, the state has brought its gambling legislation into the modern era. Casino gambling, sports betting and poker are all illegal in both offline and online forms. Below is a timeline of some of the most significant gambling legislation in the state’s history:

North Carolina Gambling History
1753 State law prevents “excessive and immoderate” gambling. The law limits the amount of money that can be lost by an individual.
1784 Government overturns previous law in hopes to raise more funds for the state.
1809-1835 The first lottery was authorized in the state, but was subsequently banned after a nationwide protest.
1945 Bingo is allowed in North Carolina
1983 Cherokee Indians open state’s first bingo hall.
1997 First Indian casinos open in the state.
2012 The Cherokee Casino was permitted to offer table games on site.
2015 The second native Indian casino, Cherokee Valley River, opened in NC.

North Carolina State Facts

The Tar Heel state is known for a few things. The first successful flight powered by men took place in NC, and the first ever mini-golf course appeared in the state. Although the state has a long history of pushing boundaries, this spirit has not extended to the state’s treatment of gambling. Below, you’ll find some interesting state facts, as well as some useful websites:

Facts About North Carolina
Population 10,383,620
Min. Income $1,256.67
Biggest Offline Gambling Location Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort
Gambling Commissioner
Spoken Languages English 90.7%, Spanish 6.9%, Other2.4%
Biggest Local Sports Team
North Carolina Tax Authority
Link to the State Law State Gambling Laws
Gambling Winning Tax 5.499%
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers Greg Raymer

Gambling Age in North Carolina

North Carolina takes its gambling law seriously. If one is caught allowing underage players to engage in casino gaming, the responsible party is subject to legal punishment and will be considered a Class H felon. Currently, the legal age for casino gambling in the territory is twenty-one years of age. If you’d like to play a lottery game in NC, you must be a minimum of 18 years old. There is no age requirement, however, to play bingo or join raffles. To play DFS you must be 18 years or older.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    Online gambling is currently not legal in North Carolina. Players aged 21+ can play at one of the tribal casinos.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age in NC, without exception, is 21+.
  • Weed Age
    Recreational use of cannabis is not permitted. Legislation has been submitted to permit medical use.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Like any state that has legal forms of gambling, North Carolina has its fair share of problem gamblers. If you feel like you may have a problem, the state has dedicated services to helping those in need. Visit the website for the organization More Than a Game. The organization provides lots of educational and treatment info. The group’s website is also available in Spanish. There is also a handy live internet chat on the website. This feature isn’t available in many states.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

If you hadn’t guessed by now, the state’s conservative tendencies make it highly unlikely that we will see any significant adjustments to the gambling laws of North Carolina in the near-future. Online gaming is not legal in any form other than DFS. My team and I will update this page should anything change, meanwhile, you could check out the full gambling in US guide if you want to find out more betting opportunities!

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