Guide to Online Gambling in Louisiana: The Best Louisiana Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Louisiana
Online Sports Illegal
Daily Fantasy Illegal
Online Casino Illegal
Online Poker Illegal
Online Lottery Illegal

Online Sports Betting in Louisiana

The only legal form of sports betting in Louisiana is horse betting, and this can only be done on licensed betting locations. There are talks about broadening the scope of legal sports betting in the state. However, if you’re on this site, chances are that you are looking for legal ways of online gambling. Under Louisiana statute 14:90.3, gambling by a computer is illegal, and players face severe punishment if they are caught gambling online. As a result, there are no legal Louisiana online sports betting sites. For more information, you can see the page dedicated to Louisiana sports betting.

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Gambling Laws in Louisiana

The gambling laws in Louisiana are a double-edged sword. The state is home to many forms of legal gambling; however, all of these activities are limited to land-based versions. Louisiana statute § 14:90.3 clearly prohibits all forms of online gambling. A recent vote has allowed daily fantasy sports operators access to the state. Many believe the vote represents a sort of sea-change when it comes to online gaming, and many predict that one day online sports betting may be legal. However, we have not come across anything concrete that would suggest this.

The first government-run casino in LA was opened in 1753, and the first state lottery was established in 1866. However, these looked much different to their modern articulations. Riverboat gambling arrived on the waters of Louisiana in the 1990s along with the first Native American casinos in the state. Soon after, the state started to allow slot games at racetracks, now dubbed “racinos.” Harrah’s New Orleans Casino opened in 1999.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Louisiana

Daily fantasy betting in Louisiana isn’t allowed as of yet. Louisiana was one of a handful of states that prevented its residents from engaging in daily fantasy sports contests (DFS). As a result, the Louisiana’s best fantasy sports sites did not accept players from the state. Recently, this changed in November 2018, when voters approved a new law legalizing monetized fantasy sports contests in the state. That being said, it will be a while before the games come to LA. The state’s Gaming Control Board still needs to figure out how DFS games will be taxed and regulated. Until this is done, there are no trustworthy daily fantasy sports sites that accept Louisianans. By the end of 2019, LA residents should expect to see DFS hit the state.

Online Casino Gaming in Louisiana

Louisiana is somewhat of a gambler’s paradise when it comes to casinos. Within LA borders, you can find one land-based casino, fifteen riverboat casinos, four racinos, and five tribal casinos. Players are spoiled when it comes to gaming options. Nevertheless, in the state it remains illegal to game at online casinos, and there is currently no legal online casino in Louisiana. All indicators suggest that it will be some time before online gambling is legal in Louisiana. We will update this page should anything change regarding the state’s online gambling laws.

Online Poker in Louisiana

As you may have already guessed, poker in Louisiana is considered a form of gambling. Essentially what this means is that online poker is illegal just like online sports betting and casino gaming. While browsing the net, you may find a few sites that offer online poker to Louisianans. These, however, are not to be trusted.

The Louisiana State Lottery

The modern LA state lottery was born in 1991 after the 1990 state legislature proposed a state lottery as a way to raise revenue for the state. ACT 1045 established the Louisiana Lottery Corporation, which oversees state lotteries to this day. Although, the lottery is a legal form of gambling in LA, state law prohibits the sale of online lottery tickets. If you’d like to learn where you can purchase lotto tickets, visit the official website of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. When it comes to online lotto, the state is on the right path of legalizing this type of gambling, so make sure to check our guide forlottery in Louisiana

History of Gambling in Louisiana

If one were to sum up Louisiana’s history with gambling, they would probably say that it is a gradual march towards legalization. Although there have been attempts to halt the progress of gambling in the state, many of these have eventually failed. First there was horse betting, then riverboat casinos, Indian gaming (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988) and now land-based casinos. Although the state has opened its borders to these activities, only time will tell if the LA legislature legalizes online gambling.

Louisiana Gambling History
1920s Pari-mutuel horse betting is legalized.
1991 State approves the applications of 15 riverboat casinos
1993 Chitimacha tribe opens the first Indian casino in the state.
1995 Horseracing tracks begin to carry slot machines.
1998 New law prohibits online gambling and its various forms.
1999 Harrah’s Casino opens a new location in New Orleans.
Present- Rumblings that the state may move to legalize sports betting.

Louisiana State Facts

The Bayou state is known for its love of the Saints, killer food, gators, and its role in the berthing of jazz music. The state still feels some of the residual effects of its French past, as evident by the use of the term parish rather than county for administrative subdivisions.

Facts About Louisiana
Population 4,684,333
Min. Income $1,256
Offline Location Harrah’s Casino New Orleans
Spoken Languages English 91.26%, French 3.45%, Spanish 3.30%, Vietnamese
Sports Team
Tax Authority
State Law
Winning Tax 5%
State Website
Local Gamblers Kevin Eyster

Gambling Age in Louisiana

The legal gambling age in Louisiana changes depending on the form of gambling in question. To play any of the state lotteries, players must be 18+ years of age. All players in a casino must be 21 years of age or older. There is no exception to this rule. If a minor is with a parent or guardian, they are still not permitted in casino premises.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    To enter a casino, players must be 21+ years of age.
  • Alcohol Age
    The current legal drinking age in Louisiana is 21+. The state was the last to have a legal drinking age of 18.
  • Weed Age
    In Louisiana, recreational use of cannabis is illegal. Medicinal uses of marijuana are permitted, however.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Legal gambling is a huge revenue stream for the state of Louisiana. In 2016, an estimated $3.7 billion were spent by players in the state. Although betting is a fun leisure activity for many people, some people risk developing problem gambling behavior. An estimated 1.3% of LA adults are believed to have a problem. The state takes these problems seriously, and as a result, has established a few avenues for acquiring help. Players seeking information or services regarding problem gambling can visit the website of the Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling, where one can find helplines, literature, and more.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

The only laws concerning US gambling that look as if they might change are those concerning Louisiana sports betting. At the beginning of the year, LA Governor John Bel Edwards came out in support of legalizing the activity. Currently, the state is conducting a study on sports betting. Until this is complete, there will be no changes to state law. Many people believe that sports gambling will arrive in LA in late 2019. However, we don’t think this means that online sports betting is imminent.

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