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Lotto Games in Louisiana
US Powerball Illegal
Mega Millions Illegal
Lucky For Life Illegal
Lotto America Illegal

Louisiana’s lottery has a long history, with its most recent incarnation forming in 1991 under the control of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation (LLC). It offers many of its own LCC-run games, and is a participant in Powerball and Mega Millions draws. Its residents also have the option of playing popular scratch-offs. Unfortunately, online lotto has not yet been legalized in the state, though online gaming in general is a widely-discussed issue for legislators.

Louisiana does not offer any legal online lotteries yet, though it does have many in-person lotto options for its residents. However, lawmakers in the state of Louisiana have been discussing online gambling options since the ruling on the Federal Wire Act in 2011, so it could soon join states like Pennsylvania and Kentucky in legalizing online lotto play.

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Legal Online Lotteries Available in the USA

Louisiana offers a wide variety of lotteries from licensed retailers, but no online lottos are legal in the state currently. If online play is eventually legalized, Louisiana could take part in draws anywhere where they have their mobile devices. With billions of dollars in payouts since their creations, draws like Powerball and Lucky for Life have become extremely popular, especially in states where online play is available. Follow this page for updates as Louisiana online lotto laws change.

US Powerball – Make Your $40 Million (or more!)

Found in 1992, Powerball is available across 21 states nationwide. Players enter the lottery for a minimum $40 million payout, with drawings held every Wednesday and Saturday. The largest lotto jackpot was won in 2016 where three lucky participants cashed in on a a $1.586 billion Powerball ticket.

Mega Millions

This lottery is available in 44 states, plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, making it one of the most widely offered lottos. Prizes are drawn at Tuesday and Friday evenings, and just like US Powerball offers a minimum $40 million prize. In 2018, a lucky player of the lottery made history by winning a jackpot of $1.537 billion.

Lucky for Life

Lucky for Life dates back to 2009 when it was started in Connecticut. The format has since been played in 25 states and Washington D.C. Winners have the option to select a payout of $1,000 per day for a lifetime, with a 20-year minimum guarantee. In 2015,however, one lucky winner decided to choose the cash-out option which was then valued at $5,750,000.

Lottery Regulator in Louisiana

The Louisiana Lottery Corporation (LLC) was formed with the intent of providing “private-sector perspectives” on running a successful lottery for the state. It boasts nine members and a president. Proceeds are funneled into the Minimum Foundation Program, benefiting public education in the state.

History of Louisiana Lottery

Louisiana’s lotto has a storied history that dates back into the mid-19th century. The so-called Louisiana State Lottery Company privately ran the state’s lottery back then, and was the only legal lottery in the whole of the United States. But after a number of shady dealings, the organization was shut down in 1907. The state’s lotto is now run by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation, with revenue going towards education programs.

Louisiana Lotto History
1868 Louisiana is, for a time, the only American state with a legal lottery, privately run by the Louisiana State Lottery Company.
1907 The state lotto is eventually shut down after it is found guilty in various corruption scandals.
1991 The LLC starts after ACT 1045, legislation to introduce a state lotto, is passed in 1990.
2000 Former governor Edwin Edwards is found guilty of extorting millions in connection to gambling licenses and is imprisoned.
2018 Lawmakers push for legalized sports betting. Though they are ultimately shut down, interest remains, which could be a positive sign for online gaming in general.

Famous Winners – A Top Prize in Sportsman’s Paradise

Louisiana’s nickname seemed especially apt after one lucky lotto player won a jackpot of $191.1 million in Powerball in October, 2017. It was, at that point, the largest single payout in the lotto’s 26 years in operation. The winning family opted to stay anonymous, but were apparently regular lotto players based in Lafayette.

Lottery Legal Age in Louisiana

There is currently no legal online lotto in Indiana, but the minimum age to play regular lotto is 21 years of age, so it is possible online lotto will be the same. In some states, online players are required to register in person in order to verify they meet the age requirements. It remains to be seen in Indiana instates such regulations.

  • Lottery Age
    There is no legal online lottery age in Indiana as it is currently illegal.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is 21 in Louisiana, though 18+ may drink in the company of an adult.
  • Weed Age
    There is no legal cannabis age in Louisiana as it is currently illegal.

Since Louisiana does not yet offer online lotto tickets, interested parties may want to explore states where online lotto is already available, like Illinois, Kentucky and Maine. However, earnings out-of-state should be something which players should highly note. If you require more information, you can find out more on our main lottery page.

The Best Lottery Mobile App

As aforementioned, Louisiana does not yet have a legal online lotto system. In states where online lottery is available, mobile apps are a convenient way to take part. Various apps are available for iOs and Android users. Check out your individual state for more options.

Online Lottery Promotions to Take Advantage Of

There are sometimes promotions available to players in states where online lotto is legal. These include bonuses and can even improve your odds when playing lotto games online. To learn more about online lottery promotions available in states where lotto is legal, visit our main USA lottery page. To explore gaming options within Louisiana, visit our gambling and casino page for the state.

How to Choose the Best Lottery Promotion in Louisiana

Taxes on Lotto Winnings in Louisiana

Louisiana’s lottery is subject to federal taxation at 24% and 5% in state tax on winnings exceeding $5,000. Since online lottery is not yet legal in Louisiana, we cannot say for sure if it will be taxed differently than normal earnings. More information will eventually be available from the Louisiana Lottery Corporation.

Upcoming Regulation Changes for Online Lottery

No current legislation is on the table regarding legalizing online lottery in Louisiana state, but that does not mean it is impossible. On the contrary, the state is likely to become more interested as other states offer enticing online lotto options and see the revenue benefits. Since the 2011 decision on the Federal Wire Act, the path has been opened to legalize online lotto nationwide and it is just a matter of time before Kansas lawmakers make their move.

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