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Online Lotto in Texas
US Powerball Illegal
Mega Millions Illegal
Cash 5 Illegal
All or Nothing Illegal
Texas has had fairly conservative gambling laws since its history, with all-out bans on gambling at some points in time. Luckily, it has eased its stance on gaming and now several types of betting are available in the Lone Star state, as well as a thriving state-run lotto. Unfortunately, it does not yet offer any legal online lotto options, but we will update this page as that changes.

At the moment, there are no legal online lotteries available in Texas, despite the popularity of lotto games from brick-and-mortar retailers. With changes in recent laws, in particular a ruling on the Federal Wire Act in 2011, more states have opened up to the possibility of online lottery, and Texas could theoretically join those that have already made it legal, if enough interest is expressed by residents and lawmakers.

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Legal Online Lotteries Available in the USA

There are no legal online lotteries available in Texas, despite many physical lotto options including Powerball and Mega Millions draws. If online play is eventually introduced, Texans could take part in these exciting jackpots from the comfort of their own homes. These lottos sell millions of tickets every week and have offered billions in payouts since their creation. We update this page as Texas makes changes to its lottery laws so you are the first to know what games are available!

US Powerball

Powerball among the most loved and the eldest national lottery in the USA. It is played in more than twenty states currently. Formed in the last decade of the 20th century, or in 1992 to be exact, it boasts a minimum jackpot of 40 million dollars. The biggest win ever, though, happened in 2016 when three lucky players divided the total amount of $1.586 billion!

Mega Millions

Mega Million began as ‘The Big Game’ in 1992. The draws are held every Tuesday and Friday with a minimum jackpot amount of $40.000.000. The biggest prize ever won, though, is 1.537.000.000 dollars that went to a very lucky player in 2018. The lotto is played by millions in more than 45 locations.

Cash 5

Cash 5 is a five-number lotto game, with several versions available in various states. In Texas’s version, players pick five numbers from 1 to 35 and try to match 1, 3 or all 5 numbers for the biggest prize. Compared to other five-pick games and bigger MUSL lotto draws in general, Cash 5’s thirty-five number field boasts very good odds for players. Plus, each play costs only $1, making it an easy pick with potentially big rewards.

Lottery Regulator in Texas

The Texas Lottery Commission is currently comprised of two board members and one chairmen, all of whom are tasked with overseeing the Lone Star State’s booming lotto industry. Beneficiaries of lotto revenue include students, veterans and more, with $19 billion going towards the state’s Foundation School Fund since the lotto’s inception in 1992.

History of Texas Lottery

Texas offers a fair amount of gambling opportunities, despite its history as a conservative state in regards to gaming laws: As recently as 1971, all gaming was outlawed completely. This has gradually changed and the Texas Lottery was one the most recent additions to the scene, beginning in 1992 after legislation and a popular vote approved the measure. Texas remains quite strict when it comes to online betting of any kind, so as of yet, there have been no moves to legalize online lotto in the Lone Star State.

Texas Lotto History
1971 All forms of gambling and gaming are outlawed in the Lone Star State.
1991 Voters passed House Bill 54 to allow for the formation of a state-run lottery.
1992 Gov. Ann Richards purchases the first scratch-off ticket sold in the Texas Lottery. Within three hours, the state has sold enough tickets to pay back the start-up investment for the lotto. The first week of sales alone sets a world record with 102.4 million scratchers sold.
2013 The Texas House of Representatives vote to end the Lottery Commission, effectively bringing the lotto to a halt, largely on moral grounds. After continued debate, a second vote is held wherein many reverse their decision and the lotto continues.

Famous Winners – Houston, we have a… Winner!

A Houston convenience store was the source of someone’s lucky break in 2018, when an anonymous Texas resident bought a Texas Lotto ticket worth more than $30 million. They were quick to claim the prize, which started as a $5 million pot and rolled over 42 times over a span of six months.

Online Lotto Legal Age in Texas

There is currently no legal online lotto in Texas, but the minimum age to play regular lotto is 18 years of age, so it is possible online lotto will be the same. In some states, online players are required to register in person in order to verify they meet the age requirements. It remains to be seen in Texas instates such regulations.

  • Lottery Age
    There is no legal online lottery age in Texas as it is currently illegal.
  • Alcohol Age
    There is no legal online lottery age in Texas as it is currently illegal.
  • Weed Age
    There is no legal cannabis age in Texas as it is currently illegal.

As of the time of writing, Texas does not offer online lotto sales. Interested gamers may want to check out states where online lotto is already legal, like Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Players should be aware of restrictions within those areas regarding collecting earnings out-of-state.

The Best Lottery Mobile App

As aforementioned, Texas does not yet have a legal online lotto system. In states where online lottery is available, mobile apps are a convenient way to take part. Various apps are available for iOs and Android users. Check out your individual state for more options.

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Online Lottery Promotions to Take Advantage Of

There are often promotions available to players in states where online lotto is legal. These include giveaways, welcome offers and other bonuses, and can improve your odds when playing lotto games online. To learn more about online lottery promotions available in states where lotto is legal, visit our main USA lottery page. To explore gaming options within the state, visit our Texas gambling guide.

How to Choose the Best Lottery Promotion in Texas

Taxes on Lotto Winnings in Texas

Texas’s lottery is subject to federal taxation at 25% on prizes over $5,000. That might sound like a lot but actually, residents here are in luck: The state charges no additional tax on winnings, unlike many of its counterparts in the U.S. Since online lottery is not yet legal in Texas, we cannot say for sure if it will be taxed differently than normal earnings. More information will be available from the Texas Comptroller’s Office when the time comes.

Upcoming Regulation Changes for Online Lottery

At the moment, there is no major discussion about legalizing online lottery in Texas. On one hand, tis could change as more and more neighboring states adopt online betting and lotto laws. The positive benefits in terms of added revenue for state projects are objectively high. But on the other hand, Texas lawmakers have a historically conservative stance on gambling, and even came close to shutting down the regular lotto in 2013, so the future on online lotto in the Lone Star State remains unclear.

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