Guide to Online Gambling in Nevada: The Best Nevada Gambling Sites for 2020

Gambling in Nevada
Sports Legal Since: 1949
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Illegal
Poker Legal Since: 2013
Lottery Illegal

Nevada Sports Betting

Sports betting has been legal since 1949, meaning that Nevada is one of the best places in America for fans looking to place bets on their favorite teams. You can place bets at bookmakers, at kiosks or in casinos. You can even bet online, from the comfort of your own home. However, you have to first go to a casino and register in person, before you can access the online portals. Because of this, there are no sites that you can register at online. For the real sports devotees, our team prepared an entire page about Nevada sports betting.

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Last updated: September 15, 2020
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Gambling Laws in Nevada

There are a number of common misconceptions about the legal state of gambling in Nevada, so let’s set things straight. Of course, commercial, land-based casinos are legal and are strictly licensed and monitored. This has been the case for almost a century. These casinos are also allowed to accept sports bets, as are certain other licensed retailers. This makes Nevada one of the few states to accept full sports bets. Land-based and online poker are permitted as long as the operator holds the correct license.

However, online casino betting is not allowed in the state – as we mentioned in our DE gambling article, in this Nevada is trailing behind some other States. This has long been blocked by the casino lobby in NV, and by the politicians who do not wish to upset the status quo. While technically online sports betting is legal, you must sign up in person at a casino, and then download their software in order to do so. The lottery has also been blocked entirely in the state and remains illegal. Read through the following sections to see more information about your favorite type of betting.

Nevada Online Poker

Nevada is synonymous with gambling for many Americans, so it comes as no surprise that it is one of the few states with legal online poker. In 2013, internet poker was legalized, allowing for licensed sites to market to players across NV. The player pools are connected with those in Deleware and New Jersey, meaning that the competitions can attract lots of great players.

Nevada Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy is considered as sports gambling. This means that any operator is required by state law to hold a valid license to market its product to Nevada residents. Following a statement to this effect, all major paid fantasy operators pulled out of NV, in spite of the fact that players in the state were paying upwards of $42 million a year in entry fees. Well, this might be a local situation which will not last for long but so far Arizona DFS gambling is also out of the list with the regulated operators among the neighbor states. Still, in case you are interested, you can take a look at our dedicated page about Nevada daily fantasy betting where we will update you if the situation in the state changes.

Nevada Online Casinos

There are roughly 350 casinos in Nevada. However, there are no legal Nevada online casinos. The reasons are pretty simple: the lobby for land-based houses is incredibly influential in the state, and politicians seem worried that any changes to the industry would be detrimental to the relationship between government and operators, ultimately affecting the tax revenues on gambling. As such, it seems unlikely that this will change in the future. However, if you’re keen on finding out more about online casinos, make sure to check our guide for Nevada casinos.

Nevada Lottery

Nevada is one of only a handful of states with no lottery permitted. Others, like Utah and Hawaii, allow no form of gambling. Nevada’s reasons for continuing to block the establishment of a state lottery are quite different. It is widely understood that the casinos do not wish their patrons to have other gambling options and so have continually campaigned against a Nevada lottery. However, we’ve taken the liberty to create our very own instructive lottery page, so make sure to check our detailed lottery in Nevada page.

History of Gambling in Nevada

With the state being so connected with gambling in the minds of most Americans, it will come as no surprise that there have been some interesting developments throughout the history of gambling in Nevada. Check out the table below to see some of the highlights.

Nevada Gambling History
1931 Gambling is legalized in Nevada, making it the first in the nation to permit and promote organized betting.
1949 Horseracing and sports betting are legalized.
1955 The Nevada Gaming Control Board is established.
2013 Online poker is formally legalized in Nevada.
2016 The state clarifies that daily fantasy sports are considered sports betting and must hold the relevant license.

Nevada State Facts

The Silver State is full of amazing trivia. It’s home to the infamous Area 51. In addition to (probably) therefore having more aliens than any state, it has the largest number of mountain ranges and produces the most gold of any state. You can see some key facts about Nevada below.

Facts About Nevada
Population 3,060,150
Min. Income $1,430.00
Offline Location Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
Languages English 76.9%, Spanish 16.2%, Tagalog 1.6%
Local Team
Tax Authority
State Law
Winning Tax N/A
State Website
Famous Gamblers Doyle Brunson

Gambling Age in Nevada

Although home to “sin city”, Nevada is relatively strict when it comes to the age limits on certain activities. In many states, you can gamble from 18 and over, but in NV, residents and visitors must provide ID proving that they are at least 21. The same age and identification are required to buy or consume alcohol or cannabis.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    You must be at least 21 years old to enter a Nevada casino or place a bet in the state.
  • Alcohol Age
    You must be 21+ years old to drink alcohol in Nevada.
  • Weed Age
    Recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada for people aged 21+ years old.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

With such a long and rich tradition of gambling, it makes sense that Nevada has a large culture of responsible gaming, with many different organizations endeavoring to protect vulnerable and problem gamblers. If you think that you have a problem with your betting habits, you can turn to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling or the Nevada Gaming Commission for advice and support. Many of the casinos and operators in NV also run programs and offer support for problem gamblers.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

With changes in the federal government’s position on certain laws affecting gambling in the USA, there are some uncertain times ahead. The fate of online poker in Nevada, which currently runs in connection with Delaware and New Jersey is under threat from the new interpretation of the Federal Wire Act. It may soon be impossible for sites to operate across state borders. However, the Nevada online casino industry seems unlikely to emerge any time in the future.

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