Guide to Online Gambling in Utah: The Best Utah Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Utah
Sports Illegal
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Illegal
Poker Illegal
Lottery Illegal

Utah Daily Fantasy Sports

  Although most forms of gambling have been outright banned in Utah, the state has yet to pass a law regulating or outlawing daily fantasy sports specifically. As such, players in the state can play on – and are accepted by – the biggest paid fantasy sports sites. Considering the current global trends, we can expect some official changes in the regulations sooner rather than later, which might make it a bit easier for the fans and allow us to recommend some of the top local sites for Utah daily fantasy betting. Meanwhile, you can read about the Nebraska daily fantasy sports.

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Gambling Laws in Utah

Utah is one of two states that are known for allowing no form of gambling. The other is Hawaii. There is one difference between the two, however. At the time of writing, Utah has not formally outlawed daily fantasy sports, whereas the Aloha State has done so. This means that, while there are no protections in place for players in Utah, you can play paid fantasy sports in the state.

Every other form of gambling is explicitly illegal, however, including lotteries and bingo. Given the political trends and public opinion, it is also very likely that the state will pass a bill at some point further restricting any competitions that can be interpreted as gambling.

Utah Sports Betting

Since 1875, all forms of gambling have been formally illegal in the state of Utah. This includes any bets made on sports or games. Because of this, there are no legal Utah sports betting sites. Any websites or land-based establishments that tell you otherwise should not be trusted as they are operating outside of the law. If we hear any news and updates we will let you know, so make sure to check our page about Utah sports betting.

Utah Online Casinos

Just as with sports betting, all online and land-based casinos are illegal in the state of Utah. There are no exceptions to this, and there are no tribal casinos within the state boundaries either. If you want to gamble in a casino, your best bet is to travel to neighboring Nevada. Many players are accessing out of state online casinos from Utah but let me assure you that this is neither legal nor safe to do. There are no protections for players in the state, and you can face punishment for gambling. If yo uwant even more details about this, make sure to go through our dedicated guide for casinos in Utah.

Utah Poker

Although some states classify poker as a game of skill, and so make specific laws for the game, Utah’s gambling laws do not distinguish between games of skill and those of chance, with betting on either being illegal. This means that you will find no legal Utah poker rooms, whether online or not.

Utah Lottery

With some of the strictest gambling laws in the country, Utah is also one of the few states that do not have state lotteries. Only five other states prohibit all lotteries, regardless of whether or not they fund charitable organizations. There are currently no suggestions that this will change in the future. Still, you can check our page dedicated to Utah lottery.

History of Gambling in Utah

The history of gambling in Utah is fairly straight forward. For a long time now, gambling has been illegal in the state. There have been very few moves to try and allow any legal bets, but instead a steady move to more and more strict restriction of gambling. See below to learn about the different developments over the years.

Utah Gambling History
1875 Gambling is outlawed in the Territory of Utah.
1925 Specific pari-mutuel bets are legalized.
1927 All pari-mutuel betting is made illegal again.
2012 Online gambling is made illegal in the state to prevent federal law changes from allowing it within the state.

Utah State Facts

Since its foundation at the Territory of Utah in 1850, through its admission to the union in 1896 to the present day, Utah has a rich and unique history. As the only state in the union with a Mormon majority, and with some of the most dramatic physical geography in America, there’s lots you might not know about the state, even if you are a resident. Check out some key facts below.

Facts About Utah
Population 3,101,833
Min. Income $1,256.67
Biggest Offline Gambling Location N/A
Gambling Commissioner N/A
Spoken Languages English 87.5%, Spanish 7.4%, German 0.6%
Biggest Local Sports Team
Utah Tax Authority
Link to the State Law
Gambling Winning Tax N/A
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers N/A

Gambling Age in Hawaii

As gambling is illegal in Utah, the concept of a minimum age is not applicable. In terms of daily fantasy sports, players must be at least 18 years of age to be accepted by the sites. As with all other states, the minimum age for purchasing and drinking alcohol is 21.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    All forms of gambling are illegal in Utah.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age in Utah is 21+.
  • Weed Age
    Recreational marijuana use is illegal in Utah.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

As with many states that have restrictive gambling laws, there are no Utah-specific gambling regulators or commissions that are responsible for player protection. So, if you are worried about your gambling and think that you need help, it is best to turn to one of the major national charities. The most well-known organizations are Gambler’s Anonymous and The National Council on Problem Gambling.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

There are a couple of bills working their way through into state legislature at the moment. However, gambling fans shouldn’t get too excited. These laws aim to restrict gambling further and close loopholes in the law that have allowed for so-called “fringe gambling” to continue. As I have mentioned before, the easiest way to gamble legally as a Utah resident is to travel to Nevada. This is not about to change any time soon. Alternatively, you could check out our guide with the latest recommendations for a top US online gambling experience, and you should find exactly what you are looking for!

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