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I have always questioned everything I come across in life. From a young age, annoying adults with a million different problems every hour, to my undergraduate studies where I majored in Comparative Studies. This let me analyze how society works and how people choose to live their lives and express themselves. After graduating, I stuck around in Columbus, taking on a few different writing jobs, before training as a croupier at one of the newly-opened casinos.

While dealing cards, I found it fascinating to hear what people’s motivations for gambling were, and to learn what players really want from casinos and gambling houses. It was also while working there that I met my current boss and moved back to writing. This time, though, I get to use both my training as a dealer and my many years’ practise of asking the hard-to-answer questions, bringing you guys the best advice possible to the other gambling fans around the world.

What I Do at

My game of choice is blackjack, having spent a few years dealing hands and learning all the tricks of the trade. However, when I play in a casino myself, I will often spend some time at casino poker tables as well. I bring my expertise to articles about card games, as well as pitching in on more general beginner’s guides to different games and legislation around the country. I am also responsible for all things related to New Zealand, since I actually have relatives over there – but they proved to be of little help, so I had to run my own research about online gambling in NZ. Thanks for nothing, Noah…

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