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When you think of gambling, what’s the one city that springs to mind? Most people will answer Las Vegas – Nevada’s crown jewel of gambling and world-famous tourist destination. But surprisingly, the state isn’t as friendly to all forms of gambling, with wider Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting still unavailable for residents and visitors. To discover more about why this is and when it could change, read on.

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What is Daily Fantasy?

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a competition that requires contestants to draft a team of athletes from one particular sports league, with their points being earned based on the real-life performances of players in that round of the competition. All contestants must stick to salary caps, with players values changing after every round based on their performance. Competitions last for short periods – requiring players to build their teams weekly or even daily.

As of 2019, DFS betting is not illegal but is unavailable in the state of Nevada, due to major DFS operators’ reluctance to pay for gaming licenses with the state.

Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Nevada – Overview

The situation surrounding online Daily Fantasy Sports in Nevada is somewhat confusing. For years, DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel were operating in the state without being impeded. This all changed in 2015 when the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB) and the state Attorney General declared that these sites were operating illegally within the state because they had yet to register themselves with the GCB and procure a license.

This prompted DFS operators to withdraw from Nevada, which they have continued to do so ever since. In 2016, the GCB began to consider alternatives to traditional licensing so that these DFS operators could return to the state. They even began working with DraftKings and FanDuel to create legislation that would be more in line with what other states began to offer. In the end, however, the efforts were dropped, and Nevada continues to ask for licensing fees from these operators.

In the meantime, we have created a list of the most popular sports in Nevada and how they could be played by residents once DFS returns.

Online Daily Fantasy NFL – Vegas Gets An NFL Team!

Nevada-based fans of the NFL have a lot to be excited about, with former Oakland Raiders NFL team set to become the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020. In the popular NFL Fantasy League, contestants are asked to build a team of 9 NFL players and battle it out with their opponent’s teams. While locals won’t have the chance to draft their team with Raiders talent, most of the rest of the country will!

Online Daily Fantasy NBA – Enjoy The Show

Las Vegas is the Mecca of live entertainment in the USA, and what could be more entertaining than enjoying a live game of basketball? NBA Fantasy League, perhaps. In the NBA DFS League, contestants are to create a lineup of 8 players that must be playing in at least two separate NBA games for that week’s roster. Scoring is based on real-life gameplay statistics e.g. 1 point for every point scored, 2 points for a block.

Online Daily Fantasy MLB – Fly Rings Around The Competition

The Las Vegas Aviators may not be in baseball’s major league, but the Triple-A affiliated team is so good, they probably should be. MLB DFS contestants looking for some Nevada flair in their lineups will be happy to know that they can draft Oakland Athletics players Chris Bassitt and Daniel Mengdin into their lineups, who also play for the Aviators. In MLB DFS, contestants are to build a team of 10 players, all of whom can score points in a variety of ways, with 5 points for stealing bases, 10 points given for a home run, 2 points for strikeout, etc.

Online Daily Fantasy NHL – Lead Your Knights In To Battle

It’s seems a little counter-intuitive to think that an ice hockey team could thrive in the desert, but such is the story of Nevada’s NHL Vegas Knights. While they’re only one year old, the team still has a lot to prove, so why not put them to the test in your NHL fantasy lineup? The NHL Fantasy League asks contestants to draft teams of 9 players and awards them points for their goals, assists, and blocked shots, with goalkeepers also earning more points for successful gameplay.

College Fantasy Sport – Rebels With A Cause

If you are a fan of college basketball, then you’ll probably know about the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ celebrated Runnin’ Rebels. The team has acquired a great following in Nevada, with their winning percentage being the fourth-highest in NCAA Division 1 basketball history. The team regularly plays in front of sold-out crowds at the 18,000 capacity Thomas Mack Centre in their hometown of Paradise.

It’s a shame that Las Vegas’ residents are unable to draft their favorite Runnin’ Rebels into their fantasy lineups, so we hope for their sake that lawmakers will adjust the law soon to allow everyone to join in on the fun!

Timeline of Daily Fantasy Sports Legislation

Nevada is essentially the Wild West of gambling for not just the United States but the entire world. Every year, people from all over travel to Las Vegas to soak up the city that gambling built. Unfortunately, DFS is yet to be legalized and regulated, but we recommend checking out our timeline of important years in Nevada’s gambling history to get a better understanding of how Nevada became the gambling-friendly state that it is today. For more information on gambling in the state, visit our Nevada gambling page.

Nevada DFS Legal History
1869 Gambling is legalized in the state of Nevada.
1949 A gambling bill that essentially opens the floodgates for legal gambling for almost all activities throughout the whole state is passed.
1988 A law is introduced to allow betting on horse racing and sports wagering.
1975 Nevada launches its first casino sportsbooks, further establishing it as the home of sports gambling.
1983 A betting tax that was previously 2% is lowered to .25%, sparking another boom in casinos in the region.
2018 When other states begin to legalize sports betting, Nevada and its regulations are held up as the standard.

Legal Daily Fantasy Betting Age in Nevada

While DFS betting in Nevada is illegal, the gambling age laws in Nevada state that players must be at least 21 years old, to bet on horse racing and at casinos. If a player is caught gambling underage, it is considered a misdemeanor and is punishable with no longer than six months in prison and/or a fine of $1,000.

  • DFS Betting Age
    It is illegal for Nevada’s residents to bet on DFS games in the state.
  • Alcohol Age
    You must be 21 years old to drink alcohol in Nevada.
  • Weed Age
    You must be 21 years old to smoke cannabis recreationally in Nevada.

Daily Fantasy Sports betting is now legal in most states in the USA, with a mere 6 states adopting strict anti-DFS legislation or enforcement measures. Interestingly enough, two of these states are neighbors to Nevada. These include Idaho and Arizona. The reasons why these states and the other seven are not allowing DFS betting vary from state-to-state, with some in the process of trying to amend tricky legislative hurdles that need to be addressed before legalization, and others firmly believing that gambling in all its forms is of no benefit to their state and its citizens.

Taxes on Daily Fantasy Winnings: Legal Overview

As gambling on Daily Fantasy Sports is illegal in the state of Idaho, there is no way to legally declare this income on your annual tax return.

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

Since Nevada’s Gaming Control Board decided against amending current licensing processes to favor DFS operators, little has been done to change the rules. Because Nevada has so many gambling options available and because its population is so transient, many may believe that Daily Fantasy Sports are not necessary for the state. We disagree, thinking that because DFS is a game of skill as opposed to a game of chance like many gambling acts, Nevada’s residents deserve to be able to play along with the rest of the nation.

It may be some time before DFS operators and the state can reach a compromise. As both are creating huge amounts of annual revenue independent from each other, this may never happen, but we still hold out hope for a time when DFS can be played by everyone.

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