Guide to Online Gambling in Michigan: The Best Michigan Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Michigan
Lottery Legal Since: 1972
Sports Betting Will Be Legal: TBD
Casino Will Be Legal: TBD
Daily Fantasy Will Be Legal: TBD
Poker Will Be Legal: TBD

Michigan Lottery

In 1972, the Michigan Lottery Act was passed, allowing for the Michigan State Lottery to be set up. You can buy lottery tickets online in or in person as long as you are a resident of Michigan and are physically located within the state when you purchase the ticket. There is only one official site that sells tickets. You will see details below, including details of the current bonus that is offered. If you want to know more about the online lotteries available at the state, make sure to check our Michigan lottery

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Gambling Laws in Michigan

There are lots of stories going around at the moment about changes to the legality of gambling in Michigan, so let’s set things straight. At the moment, you can legally gamble in land-based casinos (whether Indian or commercial), play paid fantasy sports, place pari-mutuel bets on certain races, play the lottery, and participate in charitable gambling. With the Northern border nearby, you might be interested in checking our guide to online gambling in Canada – but the situation there is quite similar to the States, with different regulations in every province.

In Michigan, currently online casinos and most sports betting is illegal. You can play poker for money within the state’s borders, but only in private games, and all online poker is strictly prohibited. However, there are moves to pass a new law allowing online casinos, sports betting and poker.

Michigan Sports Betting

Currently, sports betting is illegal in Michigan. There are some exceptions, as land-based pari-mutuel betting at licensed racetracks is allowed. Things do look set to change, with a bill being introduced that is gaining traction in the state government that will allow all sports betting, both in land-based bookies and online. You can see the page for Michigan sports betting where you can learn all the details!

Michigan Online Casinos

Unfortunately, there is no legal online casino in Michigan. This is because online casino gambling is still illegal in the state, and anyone caught placing bets on out of state sites or illegal sites can be prosecuted for breaking the law. Any site that tells you that you can play legally should be treated as a scam. You can bet in any casino in Michigan, as long as it is a land-based one and holds full licenses. There are commercial casinos as well as tribal casinos within the boundaries of the state.

Michigan Daily Fantasy Sports

In October 2017, a bill was put forward that would legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports in Michigan. However, this law has not yet passed into law. This means that Michigan daily fantasy betting is not formally legal but is also not illegal. Players can access and play at the big sites, the best of which are recommended below, but you should know that there are no legal protections set up to look after bettors.

Michigan Poker

Just as with sports betting and online casinos, online poker remains illegal for all players in Michigan. You are permitted to play poker and to gamble upon the game, but only in land-based, private games. This does not allow for public poker rooms to open, and the enforcement of the ban on internet poker in Michigan is strict.

History of Gambling in Michigan

While there are bills waiting to go through the state legal system that may well change the landscape of gambling in Michigan, it’s worth taking a step back to see how things got to where they are now. Michigan has come a long way from an originally very restrictive view of gambling. It has legalized pari-mutuel track betting, set up a charitable state lottery, worked closely with Native American tribes to facilitate tribal casinos and set up and regulated several large casinos. It just remains to be seen whether or not online and sports betting will also be allowed in the future. Another tendency is that nowadyas, the DFS betting sites get more and more popularity and are already legal in some of the nearby states. The DFS in Indiana is only an example. Check out the next timeline if you want to find out more about the gambling legacy in this state though.

Michigan Gambling History
1933 Pari-mutuel betting is allowed at certain horseracing tracks in the state.
1972 The Michigan Lottery Act is passed into law, setting up the state lottery.
1988 Tribal casinos open within the borders of Michigan on Native American land.
1997 The Michigan Gaming Control Board is set up to regulate three newly established casinos and oversee any future casinos.
2017 A bill is proposed allowing casinos to accept sports bets.

Michigan State Facts

There are lots of interesting things to know about the Great Lake State, from the fact that those lakes give it the longest fresh water coastline of any political subdivision in the world. The Mackinac Bridge, connecting the two peninsulas of the state is the longest suspension bridge between anchorages in the western hemisphere. The state is also known as the Wolverine State, despite the fact that there are no longer any wild wolverines living in Michigan.

Facts About Michigan
Population 9,995,915
Min. Income/month $1,638.00
Biggest Offline Gambling Location Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Gambling Commissioner
Spoken Languages English 91.11%, Spanish 2.93%, Arabic 1.04%
Biggest Local Sports Team
Michigan Tax Authority
Link to the State Law
Gambling Winning Tax 4.25%
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers Joe Cada

Gambling Age in Michigan

Like all states in the union, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase or drink alcohol. It is one of the minority of states that allows people over 21 to also use cannabis recreationally. As long as you do not possess more than 2.5 ounces, and don’t smoke it on federal property or in public, then it is permitted. In order to enter a tribal casino, you must be over the minimum age set by that tribe. For many, this is 18.

  • Online Gambling Age
    You must be 18+ years old to play at the tribal casinos in Michigan.
  • Alcohol Age
    You can drink alcohol over the age of 21 in Michigan.
  • Weed Age
    Anyone over the age of 21 may use marijuana recreationally.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

There are numerous organizations that help problem gamblers. You should turn to any of them if you think that your gambling is having an adverse effect on your life or if you are not sure that you can stop betting. The most relevant for Michigan residents is the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

As I have mentioned previously, there are a couple of bills that have been proposed, which would legalize sports betting and online casinos. These have yet to be made into law, just as with a 2017 bill to formally legalize daily fantasy sports. Until these go through, daily fantasies will continue to operate safely without breaking any laws; however, online casinos and all sports betting will still be illegal. Check back here to find out if anything has changed, as we will make sure that this page is kept up to date. For more information about US gambling, check our dedicated page too.

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